4 Best Salesforce Sales Cloud Features to Boost Revenue and Business

The newest enhancements to Salesforce's Sales Cloud and Revenue Cloud, which concentrate on revenue intelligence, sales enablement, and subscription organization, have been made public. At Dreamforce '21, these will be on display in the Sales Cloud Main Show.

Following closely in the footsteps of Salesforce's announcements of Slack connections this month and new capabilities for Sales Cloud in the spring, both of which emphasized the "remote, virtual world" concept. Now that the dust has settled in this hybrid world, it is essential to intensify efforts to improve revenue operations by gathering data from Salesforce.  Here are the upcoming points.

Salesforce Revenue Intelligence

Utilizing revenue information enables you to perform more efficiently. It is about obtaining responses. How committed is the sales staff to retaining this important client? What rivals have been brought up in our discussions thus far? Have the appropriate executives been identified and mapped out?

Consider the last time one of your deals went awry. It is likely that anything you missed caused it. Perhaps a deal sounded promising, but a key stakeholder who you should have anticipated ruined it at the last minute. Or perhaps a customer said something in a meeting that ought to have triggered a red flag but did not.

Einstein Insights:

Creates a "single revenue management command centre" by combining the features of Sales Cloud, Einstein, and Tableau. Einstein Deal Insights: AI-powered forecasts for all client contacts, providing attainment, win rate, and quarterly progress for sales closing KPIs and transactions that are likely to close or push.

Pre-Built Analytics Powered by Tableau

Tableau-powered pre-built analytics identify and fill in goal gaps while providing useful insights that improve forecast accuracy. To make every salesperson a great performer, identify trends in several areas, such as best practices from successful transactions and salespeople.

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Benefits of Revenue Intelligence

The advantages all point to increased revenue. But let us be more precise:

  • Fresh data will give sales leaders complete insight into the big picture. Data from revenue intelligence is reciprocal. What sellers need to know and when is what they need to know. It is an authoritative, real-time centralized repository and interaction for leaders in sales and revenue. It provides insight into the state of your company. The data of your desires is here.
  • Reduce ramp time and speed up sales cycles. New sales representatives should be given direction and pointed toward actions that will have crater-sized impacts. They can now compete in the same league as your best players and increase revenue. While we are indeed discussing AI-powered software, we are also addressing a more fundamental issue: improving the quality of life for your employees while they are at work.
  • Because you can see the information, have faith that the deals are in the right phases, and are acting, you can make huge predictions and achieve them. Every organization can reduce risk and keep deals moving through the appropriate phases by taking advantage of the collective experience.

How does revenue intelligence work?

Technologists aspire to create technology that is unrecognizable from magic. All the raw data passing through your CRM is transformed into gold through revenue intelligence. For sales and revenue executives, this entails using visualizations and forecasts to track the health of the company, reduce risk in the funnel, and create precise projections. For sellers, this includes getting advice on who to contact, what to say, and what to sell throughout each stage of the transaction.

Features of Revenue Intelligence

Make business decisions based on facts

Your company's health is more transparent than it has ever been. Discover winning ideas and useful insights using unconventional intelligence that assists you in:

  • Monitor your predictions, coverage, quota attainment rate, rep leader board, and more.
  • Analyze and contrast team performance against peers across different KPIs and results.
  • Create customized dashboards with customizable metrics for your company model.

Predict with Assurance

Get the equipment you must hit your goals exactly:

  • With quick access to displays of weekly change signals, you can easily see which predictions have changed.
  • With additional KPIs and measures like Pipe Coverage and Gap to Quota, you can pinpoint exactly where to concentrate.
  • Make unique filters that correspond to each of your forecast types.

Every step of every contract should be managed

Now that you have access to pipeline management and information about the status of every offer, it is simpler than ever to:

  • The pipeline flow chart allows you to see precisely how your pipeline has changed over the years.
  • Utilize AI-driven insights and activity indicators to get a comprehensive picture of deal health.
  • Easily update important information in real-time with a few clicks and without ever leaving the page.

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Bring your revenue up a notch

Do you want to use data and AI to raise the bar for your entire company? Excellent. Revenue Intelligence is powered by a comprehensive data and analytics platform, which enables you to:

  • By integrating Salesforce with outside data, you may obtain a 360-degree perspective of your consumer.
  • To get started quickly, use pre-built statistics and transparent AI forecasts that you may later adjust.
  • With contextual information incorporated into every business activity, act as one organization.
  • Extend to all users of your CRM and all your data.

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