Marketing Issues of Small Business

How Does Salesforce Marketing Cloud Solve the Marketing Issues of Small Businesses?

With time customer demands are growing, and it becomes an issue for the marketer to maintain the product's branding. This is particularly true for small-scale companies because they can't afford investment resources.

It means they must compromise once reaching a certain point. Following the advancement of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, it connects customer data from many data sources and devices to provide an integrated customer perspective.

In the very competitive digital age where marketers compete with one another to provide superior brands, what can you do to create a strategy for marketing different from the rest to beat your competition? This article will focus on solving marketing challenges that marketers face and ways to benefit from the advantages of Salesforce Marketing Cloud to conquer them.

Simple Solutions for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Problems

Challenge 1: Connecting Data from Various Sources

One of the problems that our clients face is connecting data from different sources. There are a variety of applications being used by businesses, like the data lake, transactional system loyalty systems, and more.

Each one of them contains a tiny amount of information regarding your customers. Marketing Cloud lets you combine every piece of data from various sources and combine them to give you an all-encompassing view of your customer.

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Challenge 2: Personalization

The main question businesses want to answer is how they can provide the best and most constant customers with a better and more consistent experience. Marketing Cloud has a solution for that. It helps you understand the preferences of your customers and their preferred methods of communication and interactions about the brand. This understanding can help businesses personalize their services for clients.

Challenge 3: Foresee Customer’s Behavior

It is possible to use Einstein AI to predict and understand customers' behavior concerning previous interactions. It lets you tailor each interaction. Einstein to Marketing Cloud offers insight and information to enhance the quality of your content and adjust how you conduct your marketing campaigns.

Once you understand your customers better, you'll know the best time and method to reach them and how your content will be different for every customer. You can alter your approach by following their present and future behavior while on their journey.

It is also possible to find prospective customers like your clients and then capture their interest to be willing to connect to them at the appropriate time in the most appropriate way.

Features of SFMC

Marketing Cloud is a service that Salesforce mainly supplies. This is an essential tool for brands to implement all aspects that are a part of their online marketing strategies. One of the most significant advantages of Salesforce Marketing Cloud is that it assists any marketer in establishing a long-lasting, successful relationship with their customers.

Salesforce generally earns $5.19 billion in sales annually in cloud-related business. This also helps the company to increase its presence within the market. Certain advantages included in Marketing Cloud are:

Audience Builder

This feature helps create one view of every customer based on the information gathered from platforms such as Sales Cloud, Community Cloud, Service Cloud, etc. It offers the benefit of understanding your customers more thoroughly and rapidly. You'll be able to recognize the characteristics and behavior of customers and their behavior.

Social Studio

Social studio lets you listen to conversations happening on social media with a unique listening tool. It assists marketers in keeping an eye on their social media accounts. Additionally, it helps you stay in touch with your audience and develop an entire picture of your customer.

Data Studio

The Data Studio feature of Salesforce Marketing Cloud aids professionals in identifying new customers. It can also make data available for simple integration into various channels. It's one of Salesforce's most user-friendly functions that allow anyone to utilize.

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Journey Builder

It's a great feature that lets you keep in touch with your customers. It allows you to manage all of your channels for communication, including mobile, social, and email, in one place. The platform will enable marketers to record the actions essential in responding to the customer's activity. In addition, it automatically carries out those actions throughout the entire environment.


There are many benefits users can avail of with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It is the most effective platform for providing customers with a meaningful and personalized experience across different ways and devices. You can send the right message to the appropriate client anywhere and anytime.

This makes it user-friendly and helps you increase your marketing campaigns by using this platform. If you're new to this field, you do not have to think about everything.

It is possible to seek the help of a Salesforce Consultant Company so they can help you increase sales through Marketing Cloud Integration during implementation sales. Innovadel Technologies is a Certified Salesforce Consulting company that offers highly-trained specialists. They can help you through the process of Salesforce development.


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