Engage Users and Associates in Real-time, Visual and Voice Cues With Salesforce Service Cloud

Eliminate physical contact with customers without compromising important face time. You can use Visual Remote Assistant to provide emergency assistance via video call. As a result, you can always provide a great customer experience. Rely on a solution that expands to meet changing market and customer expectations, all while being founded on the global CRM.

Engage Users

Instantly Start Video Sessions

Quickly resolve issues by launching video sessions directly from your web browser. With set-up in as little as 24 hours, you can drive customer adoption and quick ROI.

customer adoption

AI Can Help you Engage More Intelligently

Use scalable video and AI-powered character recognition. Even if your bandwidth is limited, you can stay connected.

Customer Experience

Provide a Seamless Customer Experience

Combine all of your customer service data into a single, flexible platform. On Customer 360, you can connect data from your CRM to Service Cloud, Field Service, and even third-party systems.

customer service data

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Use Interactive Guidance to Connect

With real-time interactive help, you can troubleshoot issues from anywhere. Annotations, a live pointer, and other features are available through Visual Remote Assistant.

Not only that, delivering a positive customer experience over the phone is a problem for service leaders and call centre managers, but Service Cloud Voice can help. Telephony will soon be directly integrated into Service Cloud, giving agents a better experience, supervisors improved omnichannel visibility, and an intuitive console powered by Chatbots insights.

Service Cloud

AI can Answer the Phone

With Service Cloud Voice, you can bring the power of AI to your phone calls. With the help of Amazon Connect* voice transcription and Einstein AI-powered recommendations, agents can minimize average handle times and provide a smooth customer experience. This also provides agents and supervisors with real-time access to client data from your voice and CRM channels. Einstein analyses customer-agent discussions and recommends the appropriate knowledge articles and next steps, allowing agents to resolve client concerns more quickly.

Einstein AI-powered

Boost Your Output

When your agents have fast access to a current, comprehensive view of the consumer, they can provide a consistent, efficient service experience on every call. Because Service Cloud Voice leverages Einstein intelligence and works from a single source of truth on one integrated platform, agents have superior tools and insights to close cases faster.

Einstein intelligence

Make it Unique

Transform your call centre by providing proactive and individualized service. Exceed customer expectations by having a complete perspective of customer dialogues and precise purchase history. There will be no more putting people on hold or fumbling for information. Customers will no longer be transferred to other departments. Now, agents get it right the first time, and clients become aficionados as a result of hyper-personalized service.

customer dialogues

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Improve Management and Training

Supervisors at call centres are continually monitoring client calls for new concerns that require more training. Managers, on the other hand, don't always have the right tools for visibility and reporting. With Service Cloud Voice, supervisors can get real-time information. When supervisors understand the ever-changing agent experience, they may ensure faster case resolution times and streamline new agent onboarding.

Management and Training

Calls Can be Readily Integrated

With Amazon Connect* integrated out of the box with Service Cloud Voice, you can simplify the purchase, setup, and implementation of your contact centre telephony. Salesforce combines Amazon Connect's many features, such as intelligent cloud telephony, IVR, call routing, and storage, with CRM data. When your phone channel works smoothly inside of Service Cloud with your web and social channels, agents can support consumers more effectively. This enables your consumers to speak with the appropriate agent at the appropriate moment. With fewer encounters, you can provide your agents with all the information they need to assist clients. You will be able to integrate telephony from any provider with Service Cloud Voice in the future.

To conclude, using Salesforce Service Cloud comes with an entire package that is sure to enhance and boost outcomes. Get in touch with our exceptional team at Apphienz to make the best of Salesforce Service Cloud. For more information on who we are and what we do, visit our website.


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