Aura Vs LWC: Why You Should Learn LWC? | Salesforce Lightning Tutorial

What is LWC?

  • LWC stands for Lightning Web Component 
  • It is the new programming model on which we can build Lightning Components. 
  • It uses the latest web standards. 
  • It can also communicate with the existing aura components and deliver unparallel fast performance. 

What is Aura?

  • Aura is the existing programming model on which we can also build components. 
  • It uses old web standards. 
  • It will be obsolete by Salesforce in the upcoming years. 
  • It is not future-proof and slower in comparison to LWC. 

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Why Does Salesforce Come with LWC when Aura is Already There?

  • In 2014, lightning component framework was launched by Salesforce along with Aura Programming Model. 
  • Actually, Aura is very different from other frameworks as most of the part is Salesforce-specific. 
  • It is very hard for a developer working on other technology to switch to Salesforce platform development and vice versa. 
  • When Salesforce comes with the LWC, it uses less framework and more general language models. 
  • JavaScript also updates and adds some models used in most of the framework. 
  • LWC is an important step for Salesforce to make it easier and more accessible to other developers. 
  • Aura is also a type of isolation in terms of communication in between different frameworks. 
  • At that time when LWC was introduced, it fulfils the need for standardization of the web. 
  • Over the last 8 years, various standards were developed in web development like ECMAScript 7, Templates, Slots and Custom Elements. Many features like this become standard in core JavaScript. 

Advantages for Developers: LWC

  • Learn the standard once, and use it everywhere. 
  • Aura contains multiple JS and HTML files and it's hard to handle them all while in LWC there is a single file for JS, CSS and HTML for each component. 
  • No more work on the developer console. You can now work on VS code for Salesforce development which also gives you access to a lot of helpful extensions. 
  • Non-Salesforce developers can also easily build components. 
  • Faster Development. 
  • Better Performance. 
  • Can communicate with existing aura components. 
  • More developers and the community can help Salesforce developers since Salesforce development is now nearer to another framework. 

web stack 2014 vs web stack 2019

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Web Stack 2014 vs Web Stack 2019

  • Using web stack 2014 was more framework specific as many of the things are dependent on the framework feels like the framework itself is a whole different language. 
  • In web stack 2019 many of the things were transferred to JavaScript itself and make the new standard was generalized for most of the frameworks. 
  • In web stack 2019 web components, Templates, Custom Elements, and Shadows DOM modules get transferred from framework to web standards and get included in JavaScript itself. 
  • It makes components run faster and easy for developers to develop in the LWC framework even if they don’t know much about it. 
  • The Aura programming model follows the web stack 2014 while LWC follows the web stack 2019.                                      

Aura and LWC Can Co-exist

  • The good thing about LWC is that it can also use your older Aura component, you don’t have to worry about converting all of them into LWC. 
  • They share the same Lightning Data Service, User interface and API service. 


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