9 Features That Make Salesforce Service Cloud the #1 Customer Service Solution

Salesforce Service Cloud – The Most Trusted Customer Service Platform

Customer service holds the key to uplifting brand value in today’s fast-paced business world. As personalized customer support and omnichannel experience quickly gain traction, businesses extensively focus on delivering uncompromised customer service. Considering the need to constantly engage with customers and provide hassle-free customer support, an efficient and reliable customer service platform like Salesforce Service Cloud is all that businesses need today. Regarded as the most trusted customer service platform, the Service Cloud is built on the SaaS model.

With the Salesforce Service Cloud, companies can scale their operations quickly and efficiently to meet their current and future service requirements. The Salesforce service cloud enhances an organization’s customer service with in-app support, live agent support, knowledge centers, and self-service communities. Salesforce Service Cloud’s recent integration with Slack is redefining the future of customer service operations. By leveraging Slack-First customer 360, businesses are now even closer to their customers, enabling seamless collaboration, faster query resolutions, and automated workflows.

This blog will walk you through the business benefits of Salesforce Service Cloud implementation.

Key Benefits of Salesforce Service Cloud:

    • Improved customer satisfaction
    • Better Agent Productivity
    • Decreased maintenance Budget
    • Integration to Platform Ecosystem

How Does Salesforce Service Cloud Increase Agent Productivity?

Features such as Live agent, Omni Channel, Knowledgebase, Email-to-case, skill-based routing, Macros, Milestone Tracking, etc. in the Salesforce Service cloud are the key tools which help the agent to quickly and efficiently respond to customers on any channel. These activities are streamlined through Salesforce Lightning Console, which has been designed with agent productivity in mind.

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9 Features That Make Salesforce Service Cloud #1 Customer Service Solution:

  • Lightning Console – Maximize Agent Productivity

The Lightning console unifies the agent experiences and provides all the information from customer profiles, case histories, to dashboards.

  • Live Agent – Chat 1:1 instantly from any device

This allows a customer to connect to a Service agent via the web in real time while providing multilingual support. This allows a real-time 1:1 chat instantly from any device. Chats can be quickly routed to subject matter experts.

  • Mobile – Personalized service in every device, wherever, whenever.

Salesforce Service cloud cases can be managed from anywhere. It allows Field-Service agents to solve the case on the go and managers and executives can monitor real-time metrics with the Salesforce Service Cloud mobile app.

  • Communities – Help customers and employees help themselves

The communities give the customer a place to find the answers required more quickly from anywhere at any time. This provides the agents and the customer’s tools for greater engagement and faster problem-solving.

  • Knowledge – Get the right answers to the agents and customer faster

With knowledgebase embedded into the agent console, agents can easily find access and deliver the right answers to the customers. It also allows the agent to share the knowledge with any other channel or device and also helps the agent to contribute themselves to the knowledge base.

  • Service Wave Analytics – Turn insight into action with Service Wave analytics

Service wave analytics is the first app to bring the power of wave analytics to Salesforce service cloud. It allows every service manager to quickly check on case management, agent efficiency and channel optimization from anywhere.

  • SOS – Future of in-app mobile support

SOS helps to go beyond traditional support channels with live agent video support, screen sharing, two-way audio and on-screen annotation in any mobile app to provide engaging service experience to the customers.

  • Social Customer Service – Deliver social customer service that scales

This equips the customer service team with the tools to create and handle cases on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter,  etc.

  • Omni Routing – Efficiency, Transparency, and Speed

Omni Channel enables automatic routing of work items (cases, leads or other works) to the most appropriate and available agent. This lets Administrators configure Salesforce service cloud to distribute workload based on employee skill set, availability and their capacity to handle incoming work. This also ensures that high priority work always receives immediate action.

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Business Scenario:

Salesforce Service could is mostly used by the website agents to solve customer’s query. It also encompasses features such as the Public Knowledge Base, Web-to-case, Call Center, and the Self-Service Portal, as well as customer service automation (e.g. escalation rules, assignment rules). It implements Knowledge article which will be used to solve the customer’s query easily by referring to the articles. It is designed to allow you to support past, current, and future clients’ requests for assistance with a product, service, billing, etc. Salesforce Service Cloud provides Customer Support to the Clients and giving you the tools to provide a better customer experience for the clients.

Personalize your Customer Engagement with DemandBlue’s Salesforce Service Cloud implementation

Salesforce Service Cloud is loaded with features that help improve customer service agents’ performance and customer experience. Migration and extraction of complex data from your existing environment like Salesforce CRM or other third-party platforms can be a daunting task –  this is where DemandBlue’s Salesforce expertise comes to the rescue. We seamlessly migrate your data, customize Salesforce Service Cloud features and configure tools based on your unique business requirements. DemandBlue offers On Demand Services for Salesforce Service Cloud implementation, with a flexible Pay-As-You-Use model. Our team of Salesforce Service Cloud experts will help unleash the potential of Service Cloud to maximize your Salesforce investment and deliver a superior customer experience.


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