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What is Salesforce Einstein and Why Should You Use it in Your Business?

When we think of Einstein, it is hard not to associate the name with intelligence. This is why Salesforce Einstein is about intelligence; specifically, the artificial intelligence (AI) applied in the best CRM in the world. Salesforce Einstein can interpret a large amount of data, process the information derived from it, and suggest the best actions to achieve a specific objective, significantly optimizing decision-making.

The advantages offered by using AI in any system are obvious: automation of learning processes, increased productivity, decreased errors, etc. Salesforce Einstein, since its launch in 2016, has proven to be a very useful tool that you can use to support and increase the performance of your business. Next, we will show you what is Salesforce Einstein and what benefits it can bring to your business.

What is Salesforce Einstein?

Salesforce Einstein is an integrated set of technologies that brings the power of AI to all Salesforce products, allowing for more personalized and predictive experiences that will display your company as more professional and attractive to your customers.

Salesforce Einstein can also be viewed as a CRM Intelligence Assistant that is divided into two categories; the Einstein Out-of-the-Box Applications and the Einstein Platform.

Salesforce Einstein
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Main Characteristics of Salesforce Einstein to Help You Understand How it Could Benefit your Business

1- It can collect the data you’ve been putting into Salesforce since the first time you signed in. It also incorporates data from email, calendar, social networks, IoT (Internet of Things), and external data; constituting the necessary materials to train and apply its AI models. In addition, Einstein can immediately start working with this data because it already has the correct structure.

2- It offers predictions tailored to each business. In Salesforce, 80% of records are custom objects. Each client has its own data conventions. In order to bring AI to each customer with their unique data and use cases, Salesforce built automated machine learning (AutoML) under the hood of Einstein. AutoML allows for the efficient cleaning of the database. It detects errors that it either resolves automatically or provides a notification that the error needs to be resolved. Some typical errors can be:

  • Duplicate entries with missing fields within them.
  • The use of certain fields may have been changed over time.
  • Fields that might not be completely standardized across all entries.
Typical machine learning model

With Einstein, for example, you can obtain a model that predicts which characteristics of a customer can most influence the making of a certain purchase.

3- Makes users significantly improve their performance, helping them to:

  • Discover hidden details and patterns in your company data.
  • Predict business results to optimize decision making.
  • Recommend the best actions and offers to get the most out of each contract.
  • Automate workflows and business processes.

4- It allows, through powerful tools included in the Einstein Platform, the development of personalized assistants with AI technology. As a result, it satisfies a wide range of use cases. These tools are:

  • Einstein Bots: It uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to provide instant help to customers by answering common questions or gathering information. It natively Einstein Voice makes it easy for anyone in your organization to interact with Salesforce. Using the Einstein Voice Bots, this interaction can be done by using your voice.
  • Einstein Prediction Builder is a point-click assistant that, quickly and easily, allows you to make custom predictions on your non-encrypted Salesforce data.
  • Einstein Next Best Action (NBA) lets you to use rule-based and predictive models to provide recommendations to anyone in a company. Recommendations that, in time, can be of great help. For example, it can identify customers that display signs of attrition, which your service reps can respond to by providing these customers with some attractive offers.
  • Einstein Discovery enables you to gain complete insight into the relevant patterns of all the data in your company, whether encrypted or not, to make “customer attrition” predictions.
  • Einstein Vision and Language is made up of a group of APIs and services: Einstein Object Detection and Einstein Image Classification APIs from Einstein Vision, and Einstein Sentiment and Einstein Intent from Einstein Language. Together, they allow you to better understand customers and also benefit from the predictions of unstructured data such as images, videos, Word documents, and audio files.
Einstein Language
Image Source: Salesforce

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5- It incorporates the AI through the “Einstein Out-Of-The-Box Applications” in each of its clouds. Thus, it guarantees specialized assistance according to the industry and functions performed by each user within Salesforce:

  • In Sales Cloud, Einstein allows you to significantly increase profit rates by identifying and prioritizing those leads and sales opportunities with the greatest chances of success. In addition, you can reduce the time spent on data capturing by automating this task and increasing your efficiency. Finally, you can analyze sales cycles and reveal trends.
  • In Service Cloud, AI increases “call deflection” (those that do not have to be attended by a service agent, but rather are answered automatically), as it solves the most routine requests from customers in real-time through the web or mobile messaging. It provides agents with prediction tools and automatically files fields on incoming cases. It also automates case classification and generates recommendations. Additionally, it promotes personalized and immediate attention to each client.
  • Marketing Cloud helps specialists get to know their audience in detail, discover consumer insights, make predictions, and create personalized messages. It can also suggest which communication channel to use and the right time to contact each customer, based on the customer’s preferences and intentions.
  • In Commerce Cloud, Einstein helps by recommending the best product to each customer. It achieves this by customizing searches and browsing the company’s catalogue.

Like any AI tool, Einstein gets smarter the more you use it. If you want to know more about the subject and take advantage of these and other options, but feel that you need more clarification, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. We will gladly answer you.


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