What is Salesforce

What is Salesforce? A Definitive Guide!

Salesforce is a type of software that includes CRM management and workforce management and enables us to manage customer relationships, customer service management, marketing campaigns, and so forth. Let me explain Salesforce with a scenario. Suppose we have a business team that includes a sales team, a marketing team, and a service team. The service team handles all customer inquiries.

The sales team will take care of the sales aspect. The marketing team will take care of ad campaigns and other marketing strategies. All these things happen in one piece of software. Traditionally, the sales team in companies used different techniques, such as calling the customer; writing down the number of leads generated, making excel sheets to update how many leads had been generated, etc.

Salesforce is a type of software or platform that contains different sections for sales, service, marketing, and management. Assume you have a 10-lakh lead. Salesforce will take care of all aspects, like how much money has been utilized, how much merchandise has been received, etc. In sales, we usually do three or four processes. For example, every company has an accounts section. The accounts section includes different parts like accounts, contacts, opportunities, and quotations. The account section contains all the information about the company, including company details and address.

The contacts section contains information about the contact through which the company makes a deal with a third party. The contact section may include the name of the person, a contact number, an address, etc. Salesforce stores the account name or contact information of the company's new contract. The opportunities section contains information about the opportunity owner, type of opportunity, lead source, primary quote, etc. The opportunities section also contains details on discounts provided to the customer. This is the concept of Salesforce.

The main use of Salesforce is that we can manage all these aspects in one place in a convenient manner. For example, we can do store management, hospital management, marketing management, etc. Suppose that you are running Facebook or Google ads. If you integrate your ad with Salesforce, you will get all the information on Salesforce, like how many leads it has generated, what the customer's requirements are, etc.

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Suppose you are running a Facebook ad. When the customer fills in his information, that information will be available in Salesforce. Thus, you can contact the customer, and also change the status in Salesforce to "contacted." This is the concept of Salesforce. Since Salesforce is very popular around the world, major companies use it as their software. Because of its advanced features, many companies use Salesforce to automate their businesses. Salesforce has been ranked No. 1 in software by the International Data Corporation for the fifth consecutive year.

Which are the Programming Languages Used in Salesforce?

There are mainly two programming languages used in Salesforce: The first is Apex. Apex is one of the strongest object-oriented programming languages used in Salesforce. Apex can be used in the backend, and you can go to the website and develop Apex. The second programming language used to develop Salesforce is Lightning, which is a component-based framework used to develop Salesforce.

Various Job Opportunities for Salesforce Training

In the IT industry, with its technological race, professionals who have undergone Salesforce Training are in high demand. Salesforce jobs are the top trending jobs in 2022, and this trend is expected to continue. Following is a curated list of various job opportunities for Salesforce professionals

  • Salesforce Administrator 
  • Salesforce Developer 
  • Salesforce Customer Success Manager
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • Solution Architect, Salesforce
  • Salesforce Technical Architect
  • Salesforce Application Designer

Pay Scale for Salesforce Jobs

Salesforce jobs are lucrative, and these jobs are well-rewarded in the IT industry. According to the PayScale website, the average annual salary of a Salesforce developer is 5.5 lakhs. If you can manage inventory and have strong software skills, you can work as a Salesforce administrator and earn INR 4.35 lakh per year. However, before looking for a job, you have to undergo certain certifications in Salesforce.

Why Should you Join JanBask for Salesforce Training?

Salesforce Training is in high demand and is widely recognized in India and around the world. This Salesforce certification will enrich your skills and help you gain confidence in how to proceed in the Salesforce job market. Salesforce certification will assist you in furthering your career and landing your dream job. Enroll in our free Salesforce Training from JanBask to understand the basic concepts of Salesforce, which include CRM management and other aspects. The cost of the Salesforce Training is affordable and low. We also have ample offers and deals that you can never resist, and these offers are available to anyone who accesses the Salesforce Training. With our training, you will get job opportunities in India as well as abroad, and hence; you can achieve your career goal.

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What do you Learn from Salesforce Training from JanBask?

JanBask is a leading IT solutions and training provider that can assist you with Salesforce Training to advance your career. Salesforce Training helps you learn concepts from scratch and the most advanced concepts of Salesforce, which include the following:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Understanding formula fields and the creation of formula fields
  • Text/Logic/Math/Date functions
  • Salesforce CRM
  • Salesforce Configuration
  • Salesforce Objects/Fields/Tabs/App Exchange
  • Other popular advanced functions.


Salesforce is a CRM that saves the API key on the cloud, where all data gets updated. Because Salesforce is a powerful CRM, it is implemented by all major companies across the globe and is widely appreciated for its performance. Salesforce has numerous job opportunities available all over the world. Students and professionals can pursue a career in Salesforce and advance their careers.


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