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Though Marketing Automation was started aiming only for enterprises, now it’s available for everyone. Marketing Automation can be simple and complicated at the same time. The key is to start small and grow with it over time. In the modern era, marketing is much more relevant because most people use the internet instead of the conventional media forms whether it is for goods, services, information about products, etc. Your success with Marketing Automation depends on how well you can utilize it.

What is Marketing Automation?

The method of using software to automate repetitive marketing activities like social media, email marketing, advertising and editorials, marketing and ad campaigns is termed Marketing Automation.

Salesforce CRM enables marketers to build and manage customer relationships. If there is a comparison to be made between Pardot cloud and marketing clouds‘ features, there is quite an overlap of email automation, lead nurturing path visualization, social media marketing, CRM integration, etc. because the former is a B2B platform while the latter is a B2C platform. However, that is not the case all the time as some businesses will use both platforms too.

Marketing Automation

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Marketing Automation not only saves you time and money but also automates a lot of mundane tasks to generate better results from your Marketing and Sales tactics.

Three basic functions of Marketing Automation:

  1. Track engagements

  2. Customer Journey

  3. Measure effectiveness.

When CRM is combined with Marketing Automation it becomes a very powerful tool. It lets salespeople know who to talk to, when, and why. It just adds better visibility. It allows us to create truly customized customer journeys.

Another advantage of the two being used together is, marketing knows which leads get closed, how much revenue is generated, and shows its contribution to the bottom line.

Importance of Marketing Automation

  1. Efficiency: Automation by its inbuilt nature saves time which can, in turn, save money. both can be utilized into a better strategic, creative, and brainstorming instead. Your team will use the same tools to post on social media, develop an email nurturing campaign, write a blog, and build a landing page.

  2. Customized Marketing Strategy: With Marketing Automation, you can target specific audiences on social media through email campaigns or ads. Not only that, but it also generates traction to your website whenever you post a blog, marketing assets on several social media platforms. This helps in generating more business and more people will recognize the brand.

  3. Data management: All the company’s data can be managed in a single software with ease without any room for errors.

  4. Lead scoring: The automation software will instantly notify you when you generate new leads and it will also keep a track of the total number of leads generated.

  5. Lead nurturing: it helps in converting leads to potential customers. This way a company can keep a track of the entire sales funnel.

How does Marketing Automation work?

Marketing Automation runs campaigns, creates assets, manages lead programs. With Marketing Automation, you can set up a list of tasks and manual processes and manage other bigger tasks at hand, these automated campaigns will keep running at the back. At the most basic level, Marketing Automation will deliver highly specific leads based on the action and data with the intention of closing further sales.

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot

Salesforce marketing cloud provides various end-to-end services like journey builder that allows 1-1 customer journey across all channels. Email studio builds personalized email campaigns. Analyze all data with Customer 360 audiences. Mobile interactions can be customized with SMS, push notifications all with the Mobile studio. Engage with your customers through social media platforms using Social studio. Target 1-1 and most specific audience for ads and campaigns through Advertising studio. Datorama can be used to keep a track of all KPIs, marketing data, and investments.

Through Interaction studio, you can drive genuine engagement with customers and manage real-time customer experiences. Now boost your marketing efforts with Data studio. With Google analytics 360, get a complete marketing insight and customer engagement. If your company is a B2B, Pardot will integrate marketing and sales on the same platform.

Pardot is the leading marketing solution for marketers to generate high-quality B2B leads since the sales team can close more deals quickly. Powered by AI and built on top of the CRM it allows customers to align marketing and sales in the same place.

The key distinction is the purchasing period. Pardot would be best for smaller databases with higher-value sales, while Marketing Cloud would be better for larger databases with lower-value sales.


Hence, in a nutshell, if you are a start-up, a small scale company, an established business, whether it is B2B or B2C, Salesforce Marketing Cloud has got you covered from top to bottom. It has all the services and features one needs to get their business up and running.

If you are looking for a Marketing Automation expert to upscale your business, work efficiently while saving your precious time and money on building strategy, write to us and we will make sure all your demands are met.


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