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The Secret of Successful Companies: Meet and Keep Your Customers With Salesforce CRM

Various researches have shown that a satisfied customer is the best advertisement. They remain loyal both to the brand and the product and rarely think about change during the next purchase. How can companies influence that? By using CRM solutions that will help them get to know their customers even better and retain them.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is a technology that allows companies, both large and small, to organize, automate, and synchronize every aspect of interaction with a future satisfied customer. CRM has quickly become established in the business world as a tool for analyzing business and improving relationships with existing and potential customers, and thus sales.

Although tens of billions of dollars revolve around CRM every year, that does not mean that it is reserved only for the richest companies in the world. Moreover, the system is ideal for anyone who wants to smartly manage information and relationships with customers, as well as partners, in order to achieve success.

In a Nutshell, What Does CRM Provide?

CRM enables the storage of all important information and potential business opportunities - which would otherwise remain on little paper notes, in various spam emails, and private laptops - in one common location. 

The data stored in this way becomes easily accessible to everyone within the company, thus providing greater chances to identify good ideas and potential opportunities, which is especially important for small companies where teams must find a way to achieve better results for less money.

Salesforce - The Leading CRM Solution on the Market

For more than a decade, Salesforce has been at the very top, if not on top, of leading CRM solutions, reflecting the continued strength of the platform’s vision and growth. Salesforce has been officially and unofficially named the world’s no.1 CRM solution for several years in a row thanks to increasing its overall market share and also increasing revenue more than any other CRM solution. Moreover, Salesforce has increased its market share by more percentage than the other 10 or 15 top-level CRM solution providers combined. Today, Salesforce occupies almost 20 % of the global market in its niche.

Salesforce offers solutions that enable companies of all sizes to easily implement state-of-the-art technology and connect it to all segments and solutions that matter to them. On average, users of Salesforce CRM solutions notice 38 % faster decision making, 25 % higher revenue, and 35 % higher customer satisfaction rate.

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Direct and Indirect Benefits

In addition to these key benefits, which affect the overall business of Salesforce customers, each department within the company also notices significant benefits thanks to the specially tailored solutions that the Salesforce CRM platform offers for each of them.

Sales Cloud allows sales departments to focus more on customers, more efficiently create, track, and close sales opportunities, and ultimately, to have better sales results from any location and any device. With Sales Cloud, customers have 38 % higher sales productivity and 32 % higher lead conversion, which is a process that begins by building a website for your business. A website should be created to impress and engage new customers and establish your business online before you move up to the higher level of doing business which CRM solutions, such as Salesforce, will undoubtedly help you with. 

Marketing Cloud is intended for marketing departments and it enables the adaptation of communication and campaigns to target users, the creation of quality sales opportunities, and the successful monitoring of activity results. And, additionally, support can be more efficient with Service Cloud, which allows you to provide better, faster, and more efficient customer support. In addition to increasing customer satisfaction, Service Cloud provides 31 % faster resolution of customer requirements and 25 % lower costs.

Each of these solutions can be adapted to the business of each company to further empower them in development.

Why’s CRM Necessary In Today’s Business?

Further development of artificial intelligence, business automation, influencers, native advertising, and various advances in technology will bring new challenges, as well as opportunities, for business benefits of IP telephony and advertising growth in this and later years. 

Companies that do not adapt to trends will find it difficult to keep up with innovation and follow the moves of the competition. The CRM platform is the only way to master the digital transformation on time.

A Few Of a Number of Trends That Are Changing the Business World Today

Changes that are listed and explained below are only a small part of the changes in the world of sales, marketing, and support:

Modern Sales Continue to Expand Into Digital Channels

Two major changes affect this process. The first is to focus on providing a shopping service through the channel that customers prefer. The second is the huge increase in the time that sales representatives spend on sales through virtual channels

Virtual or digital communication with clients is three times more common today than face-to-face meetings.

Clients Will Take Control of the Way They Receive the Information

The line between the physical and digital worlds is becoming less and less visible. Many of the innovations we see today were created to facilitate the transition from one to the other. Customized communication based on past interactions helps companies close sales. 

Companies will have to take more and more initiatives about how to communicate with clients and about turning it into something that the client really wants, while at the same time showing how they think about what is best for the client himself.

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Customer Support Agents Become New Sales Representatives

In today’s world where customers are looking for superior shopping experiences, customer support is in the perfect position to become a new Salesforce. There is a big shift in perspective - customer support is no longer considered a cost, but is seen as something that can bring additional profits. 

Thanks to CRM, most customer support agents can already create orders and offers for additional services directly from the software solution they use.

What’s the Key to Successful Digital Transformation and Bringing Companies Closer to Customers?

The development of technology in the cloud has made it possible for the same technology to become available to companies around the world. However, from the company’s experience, technology is still only one part of the puzzle in the company’s digital transformation

It is important to start with a vision of what you want from your company in the future and what kind of experience you want customers to have with your company. It is a long and gradual journey, but others are not in sight at the moment.


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