Sinergify: Tailor Your Unique Business Needs into Salesforce and Jira Integration

Most businesses will agree that it is imperative to go the extra mile to deliver a personalized experience to their customers.

But why is personalization important?

The dynamics of the business world are ever-evolving. Where no two businesses, their needs, and processes are similar, having access to personalized software can be a game-changer.

A personalized software can help you align with the business goals of your customer, thus delivering tailored results to them. That is why it is essential for SaaS providers to offer a higher degree of customization, if possible.

Our product, Sinergify—a Salesforce and Jira connector—does exactly that by offering a greater degree of personalization.

Let’s share with you a success story of how we personalized Sinergify for one of our customers.

This is the story of Samantha who works as an engineer in an IT company based out of the US. Her company was using Salesforce Service Cloud to manage their support operations and the engineering team was using Jira.

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But due to lack of collaboration, there was no transparency, and Samantha’s team also had to frequently hop between Salesforce and Jira, which was time-consuming. So, she wanted to integrate both instances.

So, our experts set up the Sinergify instance into the customer’s Salesforce Org and incorporated use cases that her company asked for in addition to the standard Salesforce use cases including:

  • Notifying the owner about the creation of Jira issues,
  • Showing Jira comments as case comments for defined Jira status,
  • Notifying the case owner of the comments on Jira side and more.

After the successful set up of the tailored Sinergify instance into the customer’s Salesforce Org, their support teams were able to perform their tasks without having to switch instances.

The use cases were successfully included in their Sinergify instance which fostered the collaboration between the service team and Samantha’s team. The results that the customer witnessed included:

  • Lowered employee burnout and reduced risk of click fatigue
  • Escalated process of resolution of customer cases
  • Better performance analysis based on Sinergify reports
  • Improved support productivity and service experience
  • Improved transparency into the tasks of both engineering and support teams

The end results of Sinergify’s personalization were exactly what Samantha’s company was looking for.

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The Wrap Up

This is just the tip of the iceberg as you can personalize this connector to suit your business needs. To dive deep into the entire process of how we personalized the customer’s Salesforce-Jira instance using Sinergify, you can refer to this case study.

The benefits of Sinergify are multi-dimensional, spreading onto a support, product, business process, sales, and engineering teams. Designed to be compatible with Jira Software, Jira Core, Jira Service Desk, and standard and custom objects in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Community Cloud, etc. this is the right connector that can sync your business goals and actions. This highly personalized connector is all that you need to fast-track your journey towards attaining customer-centricity and deliver a top-notch customer experience.

Do you want to personalize your Salesforce-Jira instance to align with your unique business needs? Get Sinergify.


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