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Salesforce Sales Cloud Innovations – Your Key to Higher Revenue

Sales have gone through a tremendous evolution over the years, starting from door-to-door to using advanced technologies.

And now they’ve stepped into a hybrid age – where customers have the highest expectations and driving growth in a work-anywhere world becomes a key challenge for sales teams.

According to a survey done in 2020, 41% of sales reps stated that they’ve stopped using events for prospecting and 19% started using video calls for the first time[i]. In fact, 57% of sales leaders plan to put a hybrid sales model into action, and 11% plan to go fully remote[ii].

As in-person meetups and handshakes have transitioned to digital channels, sales leaders need a more intelligent method for closing and accelerating growth.

Salesforce has announced three new Sales Cloud innovations designed to arm sales teams with AI-powered insightsenablement resources, and self-service options to give additional power to customers.

Let’s take a look at what these innovations are and how they enable you to blaze ahead in the new way of digital-first selling to exceed customer expectations.

The Three New Aces in Salesforce Sales Cloud

In Q3 of 2021, Salesforce introduced three new innovations in Sales Cloud to enable businesses to sell faster and drive revenue growth in the new selling era. These new innovations are:

Sales Cloud

1. Revenue Intelligence

It enables the sales teams to sell smarter with AI-powered insights on the entire sales and revenue pipeline.

2. Subscription Management

It makes the management of subscriptions from any self-service channel easier.

3. Sales Enablement

It makes onboarding, training, and development for sales reps easier for sales leaders.

These innovations follow the recent Slack-first Sales integration that gives sales reps the ability to easily collaborate on deals in real-time. With this, they get greater visibility into account details and connect with the right people.

Decoding The Three New Aces in Salesforce Sales Cloud

Now that we know what these innovations are, let’s decode ‘how’ each of them will assist sales teams to achieve success in the new era of selling.

1. Revenue Intelligence Platform

The popularity of revenue intelligence platforms is on the rise. A revenue intelligence platform for your sales team equips you to maximize your revenue-generating options in real-time with minimal human effort.

According to a Gartner prediction, 75% of the high-growth organizations across the world would deploy a RevOps model by 2025[iii] to adopt revenue enablement practices.

That’s why modern sales leaders want powerful sales intelligence tools that intelligently guide their sales processes towards becoming an all-encompassing end-to-end revenue-generating engine.

Additionally, Salesforce’s Revenue Intelligence would enable sales teams to adopt a data-driven sales strategy with AI-powered insights to close more deals.

It unites the powers of Sales Cloud, Einstein, and Tableau into one revenue management command center that enables you to:

  • Close deals faster with Einstein Deal Insights – AI-powered predictive intelligence to identify the KPIs that highly influence your sales cycles
  • Meet sales targets with Tableau’s data analytics and data visualization capabilities to ensure forecast accuracy
  • Identify key trends across multiple dimensions, such as best practices from top sales reps and deals to improve team performance

2. Sales Enablement

Sales enablement goes beyond coaching your sales teams about your products/service and your unique value proposition. It’s about accelerating your sales teams’ credibility, enabling them to build stronger customer relationships, and shifting the focus of selling from transactional to consultative.

And in a hybrid workplace, it can be challenging to do all this, all while onboarding and training your sales team.

That’s why it is key to maintain seamless onboarding, training, and development experiences to keep teams engaged, attract potential talents, and close more deals.

Enter – Sales Enablement, now embedded right within Sales Cloud!

This makes it easier to improve sales teams’ performances and to:

  • Boost sales with the help of data-driven coaching, powered by Einstein insights
  • Measure the impact of your enablement efforts on critical sales metrics like lead-to-opportunity conversion rate, reduction in sales cycle time, increase in close rates, and more
  • Aid real-time personalized learning for sales reps powered by Trailhead and learn with peers across modern channels like video and Slack

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3. Subscription Management for Revenue Cloud

With the rising popularity of self-service, organizations are now shifting their focus on B2B buying and subscription management. This shift has made sales leaders find ways to quickly launch applications across channels.

With Subscription Management, you can do just that! With it, you can deliver a unified customer experience built on the Salesforce Customer 360 platform.

Also, it enables customers to manage subscriptions from any self-service platform to:

  • Manage their complete subscription journey
  • Use their choice of self-service channel

The rise of digital has made it necessary for an organization to accelerate its digital sales efforts. And that’s why technology adoption in the sales space has increased immensely as it equips sales leaders with insights throughout the entire sales and revenue cycle – from closing deals to managing forecasts to creating new pipelines.

So, if the name of the game is to build a solid digital sales funnel for today and the future, you can count on these cool new additions to the Salesforce Sales Cloud and the Slack-first Sales features!

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