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Salesforce Automation Tools - Document Generation Made Easy

While running a business, there are so many important documents and records that need resources and time for their management. In an organization, generating documents and using them collaboratively from a single source of truth is an essential aspect. 

Salesforce comprehends these tribulations and offers various automation tools for making this document generation process easy and effective for providing value to businesses.

What is Document Generation using Salesforce Data?

The creation and automation of documents such as invoices, contracts, and agreements from Salesforce records in collaborative form with various templates into the file format like pdf, excel, HTML, etc., for seamless documentation, is Document Generation using Salesforce Data.

Why Automated Salesforce Document Generation?

  • Single-Click Document Creation
  • Utilization of Pre-built Templates
  • Easy Document delivery
  • Collect Electronic Signatures
  • Upgraded Data Routing

Salesforce Automation Tools for Document Generation:

There are two types of tools are available for Document Generation with Salesforce:

  • Native apps from Salesforce AppExchange
  • Third-party premium apps

Which Document Generation tool is best suited for automating your business workflows depends on your business essentials & complexity entirely.

Leveraging the features and functionalities of these automation tools will facilitate creating quotes, contracts, and agreements with efficiency. 

Here we are going to discuss Native apps offered by Salesforce AppExchange.

Top 5 Document Generation Tools from Salesforce AppExchange for optimizing your Salesforce Automation:

  1. DocuSign Gen
  2. Conga Composer
  3. S-Docs
  4. Docomotion
  5. Formstack Documents

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DocuSign Gen:

DocuSign Gen offers E-signature functionality and facilitates the creation of sales documents, agreements, etc., from Salesforce Data. It aids businesses by diminishing manual errors, generating invoices, sales proposals, and much more efficiently. 

Features of DocuSign Gen:

  • Smooth and Easy account set up and can get initiated immediately.
  • Seamless document automation and flexible workflows.
  • Manage the security of your documents effectively.
  • Accurate document reporting and tracking.

Conga Composer:

Utilize pre-built templates for customizing your digital documents, agreements, and sales proposals with better execution. Generate your e-documents automatically from Salesforce data by leveraging the Conga Composer document generation app.

Features of Conga Composer:

  • Automated manual and tedious tasks to improve revenue generation.
  • Secured real-time document collaborated platform.
  • Pre-built templates for manageable and adequate documentation.
  • E-signature functionality integration.
  • Document distribution according to your essentials.


Create and circulate your data within Salesforce with S-Docs automated document generation tool. S-Docs have a drag and drop UI and facilitate zero-click automation with document storage integration. Moreover, merge your data with up to two templates accurately for efficacious documentation.

Features of S-Docs:

  • S-Docs is100 % Salesforce native tool.
  • Easily store your Documents on numerous platforms such as Google Drive.
  • Secure your sensitive data.
  • SOQL support and reusable components functionality.
  • Zero dependencies on external APIs.


Simplify your document generation with the Docomotion document automation tool integrated into Salesforce for better efficiency and improved customer satisfaction. Personalize your document with Salesforce's process builder and visual flow tools intuitively per your business.

Features of Docomotion:

  • Leverage Visual Editor for designing your templates.
  • Utilize zero code functionality.
  • Convert your documents to configurable formats.
  • Update customer data in Salesforce as per your need directly.
  • Offer best-of-class customer service.

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Formstack Documents:

Optimize your document workflows with the Docomotion tool for generating and delivering customized documents in a single click. Easily route your data within Salesforce into a desirable document format and reduce your manual headache of managing your records. Moreover, gather e-signatures automatically and utilize pre-built templates for personalizing your documents.

Features of Formstack Documents:

  • Auto-generated forms for your document generation from Salesforce data.
  • Efficacious customization with pre-built templates.
  • Leverage the multiple deliveries feature to share your documents with customers and clients.
  • No requirement for License minimums.


Streamline your business transactions with these automated document generation tools. Create and deliver your contracts, agreements, and proposals accurately and effectively by leveraging these tools' features and functionalities. Populate your Salesforce data into documents by acquiring these automation tools from Salesforce AppExchange following your necessities. Integrate these document generation tools into your Salesforce and innovate your business to another level with Melonleaf.


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