What Are The Roles And Responsibility Of A Salesforce Consultant?

What Are The Roles And Responsibility Of A Salesforce Consultant?

Salesforce skills if harnessed properly can open the doors of fortune for you. There are many profiles in Salesforce that you can opt for. One very common and highly satisfying profile is that of a Salesforce Consultant. With a whopping entry-level salary of $80,000 a year, this profile is surely making some good noise among the budding professionals as well as among the ones who are looking for a career change. The typical job role of a Salesforce Consultant is to provide your organization with Salesforce customization that helps you to reap out the best results from your Salesforce setup. You are the one that they look up to in order to realize the dreams they have seen with their Salesforce setup. There are many things that a Salesforce Consultant is required to do but the typical pile of to-do things that fall in their lap are the ones given below.

Manage the Client Relationship

The most important aspect of a Salesforce Consultant's job role is to manage the company-client relationship. As a Salesforce Consultant, you will be the first point of contact for your company's clients. You are like a liaison that deals with every question, issue or general comment first-hand. It is your duty to gather the client requirements, get to know them and their business and once all this is done you need to take steps to foster a relationship with them. Your customers will only renew their contracts you're your company only if you are attentive to their requirements, provide them with satisfying project results and the most important of all you are required to give them a good ROI for their investment in your company.

Create and Manage Project Plans

You need to have good planning skills as a major part of your role revolves around planning a project depending upon the size of the project. A few pointers that need good consideration and detailed attention are-

The scope of the project, Maximizing the utilization of hours, Developing a project timeline, and a way to document any hurdlesDiscovery Sessions and Status Meetings

The next big chunk that requires to be handled by you as a Salesforce Consultant is scheduling client meetings. These meetings are the building blocks of your project execution strategy as they can be very effectively used as a discovery session also. Use these sessions or meetings to discuss a particular business process to successfully gather needs that you will use to configure an efficient Salesforce environment.

Design, Build, Train & Deploy

Once you have everything in place the best part of your job begins. You need to cast a spell of your Salesforce Magic. Design the required Salesforce setup, build a mechanism to implement it, train the client and others in its proper functioning and deploying the core project capabilities.


"Salesforce-certified consultants are invaluable contributors to the success of Salesforce customers."- Salesforce

A certification tests your ability to make an excellent mix of technical expertise along with an actual application of this technical expertise to solve the real world challenges that your clients are facing.

As a consultant, your job role is to be your client's go-to person for everything. It is only the happy clients that can give you a long-lasting sense of satisfaction in your work.

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