• In the customer dominated era, CRM system plays an integral role in maintaining and accelerating the growth of a business. This is really difficult for Companies building highly interactive user-interfaces that […]

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    Dawn of the Era of Salesforce Lightning

    1 week, 2 days ago

    Whenever the name of Salesforce comes up, the reactions that people give are- “Best Cloud

    Computing Services”, “Best cloud-based CRM”, “Amazing CRM services”, “Revolutionary CRM” etc. Because of its constant gr […]

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    How are lead assignment rules executed in Salesforce?

    2 weeks, 4 days ago

    Lead Assignment Rules – An assignment rule dictates to users or queues is assigned based on criteria that are specified within Salesforce. Lead they are created manually, captured from the web, or imported via the lead import wizards.

    To set up a lead assignment rule, navigate to Set Up -> Build -> Leads -> Assignment Rules, and click “Ne…[Read more]

  • No a custom and standard controller cannot be referenced on the same page. A custom and standard controller should not be supported at the same time; another way is you can use extensions instead of Custom Controller.

    Ex- <apex:page standardcontroller=””  extensions=”controller name”/>


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    Showcasing the Salesforce Ecosystem

    2 weeks, 5 days ago

    Managing the Company Information with Salesforce Provides the Ultimate Support.

    Salesforce provides the website visitors, clients, managers, and service agents the required platform that acts according to their […]

  • Have you heard the entire hassle-bustle about Salesforce these days? Are you tantalized by the great Salary structures of various profiles in Salesforce? Well, you must be, if you are an IT enthusiast who is […]

  • William wrote a new blog

    Salesforce Admin Tips For A User-Friendly Org

    3 weeks, 1 day ago

    When we talk about the term user-friendly, what comes to your mind? Obviously, something that is not difficult for the user to use? Now when we say a user-friendly Salesforce org it obviously means an org that is […]

  • Lightning Data Services (LDS) is a new mechanism in Salesforce that was proposed in winter 2017 to edit, delete, or update records in Lightning Components. LDS reduces the need for APEX methods and improves the overall performance and user-interface consistency. With the help of simple mark-ups, records and the related fields can be quickly loaded…[Read more]

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    7 Rules for a Better Salesforce Development

    1 month, 1 week ago

    Salesforce ventures require arranging your application and at times creating code. To guarantee execution, practicality and stage limits, you have to do the correct design development. It isn’t on the grounds that […]

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    what is MVC in salesforce?

    1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Salesforce is based on the MVC architecture that has three components – Model – View – Controller. MVC is a software architecture pattern that separates the information representation from the users’ interaction with it. Salesforce is based on traditional MVC paradigm where interaction with the database is easier than your expectations and secure…[Read more]

  • There are four different types of sandboxes in the Salesforce like Developer Sandbox, Developer Pro Sandbox, Partial Copy Sandbox, and the Full Sandbox etc. Each sandbox has different objectives and purposed based on developer needs and requirements. They are mostly needed to develop or test an application in an isolated environment and making it…[Read more]

  • William replied to the topic

    What is enqueue action and app hostile in Salesforce?

    1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Enqueue action refers to the server-side controller activity to the line of activities to be executed. All activities that are enqueued will keep running toward the finish of the event loop. As opposed to sending a different demand for every individual action, the system forms the occasion chain and groups the activities in the line into one…[Read more]

  • A sandbox can be a test territory where you put the dubious code to give it a shot before placing it into the final execution streams. It can likewise be a security component that places programs in their very own zone where they can’t influence other running projects. Whereas, a development environment is nothing but a collection of stuff that…[Read more]

  • Salesforce is a marvelous CRM. When actualized and received, it can have extraordinary outcomes for your business. In any case, would you say you are sure that you’re utilizing all that Salesforce brings to the […]

  • Try this code:

    [Read more]

  • Try this code:

    <apex:page sidebar=”false”>

    <apex:iframe src=”https://www.salesforce.com/” id=”theFrame” />


    (function() { //this wrapper prevents pollution of the global scope

    var windowOnresize = window.onresize;

    window.onresize = function() {

    if (windowOnresize) windowOnresize(); //don’t trample the handler; intercept…[Read more]

  • 1.        “before” triggers to validate data or update fields on the same record being triggered.

    2.        “after” triggers to update parent or related records

    3.        “insert” for events that occur on record creation

    4.        “update” for events on existing records

    BEFORE trigger

    1.      BEFORE triggers are usually used when validation…[Read more]

  • William replied to the topic

    How to make a dynamic picklist in salesforce?

    2 months ago

    Apex class
    public class ScemaMultiDisplayEx {
    public list<selectOption>notSelectedOption{set;get;}
    public list<selectOption>SelectedOption{set;get;}
    public list<selectOption>SelecteObject {set;get;}
    public set<string>NotSelectedFields{set;get;}
    public set<string>SelectedFields{set;get;}
    public list<string>FieldNames{set;get;}
    Public…[Read more]

  • William replied to the topic

    How to create a search page on Salesforce Lightning?

    2 months, 1 week ago

    Here is the code, you can use:

    Apex class

    public class ContactSearch {


    public static list<string>getAccount(){

    list<string>options= new list<string>();

    for(contact acc:[select name from Contact]){


    system.debug(‘options name values’+options);


    return options;




    <aura:component…[Read more]

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    How To Integrate Salesforce With Netsuite?

    2 months, 1 week ago

    Salesforce is the worldwide leader in making revolutionary business applications, served from the cloud and are designed to help generate leads for an organization. Also, it is a great aid in getting new […]

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