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Data Mapping and Merge Mapping in Salesforce - Everything you Need to Know

Adobe Sign is the high rated eSign tool which is provided by Salesforce AppExchange for the Adobe Document Cloud eSign facilities. It has tightly integrated capability to wrap data and increases the efficiency of the business process which is very incredible and 5 times faster. 

Quick Installation and Configuration

Before we are going to start creating agreement templates for the eSign, we have to download and install the Adobe Sign document package of eSign Services from the Salesforce AppExchange. When the installation is completed, a wizard takes us through various steps to set it up for sending Documents for a sign to the recipient from Salesforce.

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These steps are given as follows:

  • My Domain must be enabled in a sequence
  • Create an Account on Adobe Sign and link it to Salesforce 
  • Adobe Sign automatic update is enabled and allow it
  • Add a send for signature Components from the standard page layout

Agreement Templates

Simplify Sending in Salesforce

Agreement template is the main tool in Salesforce which is provided by Adobe sign that is easy and fast to send the documents for the signature. It links our Salesforce data with eSign data which is sent for the signature and link signed data with Salesforce. Agreement templates completely work on UI and it does not require any source of code to send the agreement. The following settings are given which can predefine for our “transaction”:

  • Systematic cueing for recipients
  • Starring Document
  • Merge mapping: It merges data from Salesforce fields to our agreement documents which sent for the signature. 
  • Data mapping: It map data from signed agreements to Salesforce 
  • Host signing option for in-person signing 
  • Date of expiration of the documents 
  • Sending  on a Single-click 
  • Clarification of recipients and approvers

Merge mapping

Merge Mappings supports us to map field data from Salesforce fields to agreement documents fields for sending it out to the recipients. For example, we want to display the lead details like Last name and first name from the Salesforce record to agreement documents automatically before sending it for the signature. There is few simple steps to create merge mapping which are given as follows:

  1. Create text tags in documents (PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, .txt, .rtf or HTML file) which includes the fields of the objects:

         First Name:             {{ FirstName  }}

         Last Name:              {{ LastName }}

         Street Address:       {{ StreetAddress }}

         Email:                       {{ Email }}

         Phone:                      {{ Phone }}

         Account Name:       {{ AccountName }}

         Account Number:   {{ AccountNumber }}

         Billing City:              {{ mergeCity }}

        Amount:                    {{ mergeAmount }}

        Billing Address:       {{ BillingAddresss }}

  1. Open the Merge Mappings tab in Salesforce and link our Text Tags with fields of data. There is no restriction to merge the amount of data from Salesforce to Documents fields.

Merge Mappings tab in Salesforce

  1. Next, open the Agreement template tab and link the above-associated merge mapping with Agreement Templates with setting security, approval process that we want to send for the signature.

Data mapping

Data mapping is used to map the data from the Agreement documents to the Salesforce fields after the documents are signed. There are following steps which are given to create the data mapping in Salesforce:

  1. Create the text tags in our document for the field data that we want to update Salesforce fields by updating them in the signed forms.

        Billing City:             {{ mergeCity }}

        Amount:                  {{ mergeAmount }}

        Billing Address:     {{ BillingAddresss }}

  1. Open Data Mappings tab in Salesforce and link our Text Tags with Salesforce object fields that we want to update in Salesforce. There is no restriction to map the data with Salesforce to retrieve it from the documents.

Open Data Mappings tab in Salesforce

  1. Open again Agreement template tab link the above-associated data mapping with agreement template that was sent for the signature with security and approval process.

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Data flow in merge mapping and data mapping

data flow in merge mapping

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