Salesforce and ERP Integration

Salesforce and ERP Integration - Learn All About It

As technology is advancing in every domain of business, many related problems or issues are rising simultaneously. 

Every enterprise or organization wants to run its business efficiently in an organized manner. And it wouldn't be wrong to say that CRM & ERP plays a crucial role in this.

What is CRM?

CRM is a Customer Relationship Management tool that manages different departments like sales, marketing, finance, customer service, etc., of an organization on a single platform.

Salesforce is one of the leading cloud-based CRM that collaborate all the customers' data and information on a single platform for different departments of an enterprise. Salesforce assists employees in managing customer relationships & organizing all the required pieces of information and provides a seamless and smooth workflow across an organization.

Benefits of using Salesforce CRM

  • Collaborative Data Management: Salesforce assures collaborative and critical data management of customers in an organized and hassle-free manner. One can easily use this platform to create or tabulate reports of customers' data analytics and insights.
  • Prospects Management: What's better to know your customers' activity timeline? Salesforce allows you to follow your prospect customers' activity and offers a chance to take the required steps.
  • 360-degree Customer View: Salesforce provides a 360-degree customer view by automated data collection from their emails, social media, etc. Moreover, it allows us to offer best-in-class customer services.

What is an ERP?

ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning system that automates, integrates, and provides intelligence to run an organization's business efficiently and accurately.

ERP system implements resource planning in different departments and integrates many operations like finance, human resource, manufacturing, inventory, sales, marketing, etc. Moreover, the ERP system helps in minimizing redundancies and improves productivity.

Benefits of ERP System:

  • Maximized Productivity: By using an ERP system, one can simplify and streamline their business operations with fewer resources and more efficiently.
  • Analytic Reports Management: ERP offers a deep dive in analyzing information and assists employees in creating & managing business reports from a single source system in a hassle-free and smooth manner.
  • Opportunity Management: Not only does an ERP system integrate and automate business operations efficiently, but it also gives access to real-time data that directs us to fetch new opportunities.
  • Collaborative Platform: ERP provides a collaborative platform to share information regarding different operations across different departments within an organization.

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Salesforce & ERP Integration

As you've seen, both business management tools CRM and ERP work magic if used separately. But what will happen if we integrate these two?

Here it comes, Salesforce and ERP integration.

By integrating Salesforce with the ERP system, one can easily automate and simplify business operations at one platform and share customers' information and data across different platforms smoothly & efficiently.

This Salesforce-ERP integration solves the complexity of business operations, improves communications between teams, and enhances balance and optimization within an enterprise. Moreover, it improves accuracy and gives real-time data access to every employee effectively.

Use Cases of Salesforce-ERP Integration:

Salesforce-ERP integration empowers many businesses at their best while improving communication, accuracy, and reducing or fixing errors.

Here are the 5 best use cases of Salesforce-ERP integration that anyone can pursue to enhance business productivity.

  • Account and contact information: We can use this Salesforce and ERP integration in incorporating the customers' details and account information on a unified platform. In which Salesforce CRM assists employees in generating leads and managing sales data while ERP helps in streamlining business operations effectively. 
  • Inventory Data Management: With the help of an integrated platform, one can easily forecast the product demands and make informed decisions about the supply chain. Also, depending upon the stocks, one can provide shipping details accurately.
  • Quote and Order Management: Salesforce-ERP integration enables enterprises to create quotes about product configuration and order status. With an integration platform, Salesforce offers visibility of accurate order status, and ERP provides information about changes in order timely.
  • Product and Price Books: With the help of an Integration platform, one can easily update product prices and quote customers accurately. If any changes will be made in prices and details in the ERP system, they will automatically be updated in Salesforce.
  • Invoices and payment history: By using an integrated platform, one can easily manage invoices and maintain records of payments. In which ERP systems generate invoices of payments, and Salesforce assists employees in making decisions to offer discounts to customers.

Benefits of Salesforce-ERP Integration:

Manually updating customers' data is a nightmare for many companies but, this integration simplifies the whole process and automatically updates the details in the ERP system with Salesforce. Salesforce-ERP integrations offer the following benefits:

  • It provides a unified platform for accessing the data and information of customers.
  • It automates business operations efficiently.
  • It improves communication across teams effectively.
  • It provides insights and analytics accurately.
  • It reduces redundancies and fixes errors effectively.
  • It enhances the visibility of data and customer service.
  • It helps in making data-based decisions.

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Salesforce-ERP integration offers many solutions to numerous problems that happen in an organization. This integration automates and streamlines business operations and reduces hectic processes of managing workflow at different platforms manually.

With the help of Salesforce-ERP integration, one can get a collaborative platform to work efficiently across different departments with enhanced communications and visibility within an organization.

So, save your time and energy from doing business operations manually, choose Salesforce-ERP integration and maximize your business productivity.


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