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Why Does an Online Retail Business Need Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

The e-commerce industry is revolutionizing the way buyers shop. With time more and more people are inclined to brands that sell online or have a digital presence. After the pandemic hit, people wanted to buy from e-commerce sites rather than visit physical stores and put their lives in danger. 

A rise in online purchases is also a result of increased mobile shopping, social media marketing, online marketplaces, and the need for a personalized shopping experience

Brick and mortar retailers struggle to digitize their business. They feel overwhelmed with handling customer queries, collecting buyer’s data, and building strategies to get in front of their competitors. 

Successfully running an online retail business is challenging, but you must realize that getting digital is the future of shopping and that you cannot escape it. 

And, this is where Salesforce Commerce Cloud comes with solutions tailored for the needs of online retailers

What is Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

Commerce Cloud is an e-commerce solution offered by Salesforce to help online retailers sell online. With the world’s number #1 CRM platform, retailers can gain agility and streamline the entire sales process using an array of customer-centric features available on the platform. 

It does not just help retailers set up their online store but also enables a thought-provoking and seamless buying experience for customers. As retailers, you can sell across all channels, including mobile, web, social, etc. 

Salesforce Commerce Cloud offers two fully-fledged solutions for both B2B and B2C. The platform helps retailers from managing order lifecycles to creating customized marketing campaigns. Be it an organization or individual buyers; Salesforce helps your businesses stay ahead of the competitors. 

The platform is used by well-known brands worldwide, including GoPro, Godiva, Joann, Converse, Pandora, Under Armour, and many others because of its ability to make online selling easier to manage. 

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Salesforce Commerce Cloud also offers the following features that set it apart from its competitors-

  • Social media integration
  • Content Management
  • Product Management 
  • Pricing Management 
  • Search engine Optimisation
  • AI-based product recommendation 
  • One-touch payment option etc. 

Benefits of Using Salesforce Commerce Cloud for Your Online Business

Salesforce Commerce Cloud offers some extra-ordinary features like-

  • Powerful Marketing Tools

Salesforce Commerce Cloud enables retailers to share product information across categories, catalogues, and sites. Retailers can also publish products on multiple sites with different currencies and languages. This helps them tap on customers beyond their geographical boundaries, allowing them to scale. 

Retailers can also conduct A/B testing to optimize the success of marketing campaigns, product launches, and promotional events without needing any technical support. With Salesforce Commerce Cloud, merchants can boost the visibility of their services and product by adjusting them according to customer search intent. 

  • Predictive Analysis with Salesforce Einstein 

Researches have shown that 80% of customers are drawn to brands that offer them a personalized experience. With so many options available, customers are the king now. To get ahead of their competitors, brands have to understand customers’ needs and suggest products that match their requirements and not their profits. 

And, this can easily be done by using advanced artificial intelligence

Prior, businesses had to integrate third-party tools to capture data and analyze customer behaviour. A major problem here was that the downfall of any of the integration would halt the entire process and make it difficult for a business to track customer data

Salesforce Commerce Cloud uses next-generation Einstein technology, a comprehensive AI for CRM. The system allows brands to understand customer buying trends and recommend products that best suit the customer’s requirements

Salesforce Einstein saves a lot of time and effort to manually analyze data sheets with more accuracy. This would improve conversion for businesses and build loyal customers

  • Offer your customers an enriched mobile experience 

Statistically, 79% of smartphone users have made an online purchase in the last six months, and this number will continue to increase in the coming years. 

Retailers who are still not selling on mobile are losing a lot of their potential customers. Therefore, Salesforce Commerce Cloud has mobile-responsive capabilities that help merchants give their customers a seamless shopping experience. That means you can sell on mobile and desktop simultaneously. 

  • Sell omnichannel 

It takes an average of 8 marketing touches to convert a sales lead into a customer. Today’s buyers are hard to impress; with so many options available in the market, the traditional advertising method doesn’t work here. They do a lot of research, make recommendations, read reviews before making a purchase. 

And, becoming an omnichannel retailer means establishing an integrated, seamless experience for your customer across multiple touchpoints. Marketers who use three or more channels in any campaign have a 287% higher purchase rate than a single-channel campaign

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Wrapping Up 

E-commerce is the future of shopping; with people becoming digitally advanced, there is no way we are going back to traditional retail shopping. With the right tools in hand, retailers can easily get ahead of their competitors. Salesforce Commerce Cloud is an all-in-one solution for retailers to set up their e-commerce store and untapped access customers. The platform helps minimize manual tasks and automate the functioning of a business. 


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