Improve Self-Service in Your Online Community With KaseSync

Did you know that 78%  of consumers discontinue their relationships with brands due to poor customer service?

That’s quite an alarming percentage, isn’t it?

In today’s tech landscape, delivering impeccable customer service is everything. The reason is that the customers’ demands from a brand are constantly on a rise. Not just this, savvy customers want to help themselves in real time by finding answers to queries.

In case you are a Salesforce Service Cloud user and you have a community hosted on the Khoros platform (previously known as Lithium) or similar platforms, then you might find yourself shuffling between these platforms often.

Your community users expect an instant response. So, delayed responses can hamper CX. So, how do you ensure that you’re delivering a smooth experience to them? That’s where the need for an integration tool that improves community self-service comes into play.

Enter – KaseSync

KaseSync is a comprehensive case connector that enables your customers to easily navigate to helpful resources such as tutorials, documents, discussion threads, etc., all the while improving self-service in your online community.

How Does KaseSync Work?

Kasesync creates a bi-directional flow of information between your community and your CRM. Community members can raise a case directly from the community, and it will be updated on the CRM. Now, the case is listed on both ends – community and CRM. The support team can not only view but also respond from their end. Similarly, the response will be reflected in the community in real time. It cuts down the resolution delay significantly. This is how KaseSync integrates CRM and Community for better support and a stellar community experience.

The connector equips your community with your support capabilities. This enables your customers with a quick case escalation process and case management, without leaving the community. As a result, you deliver an excellent community experience at lower support costs. Here’s how:

Step 1. Users can create a case directly in the community or the CRM.

Step 2. Once the case is created, users can easily edit the case if required. They can see selective fields if they edit the case in the CRM.

Step 3. Lastly, the case gets listed in the list of cases, both in the community and the CRM.

Let alone creating a case, by implementing KaseSync, you empower your members to re-open cases, edit them, see progress in real-time, and more, directly from the community.

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Advantages of Implementing KaseSync in Your Online Community

Online communities are powerful outlets that brands can leverage to gain deep insights into their customer’s behaviours and preferences. If you already have a customer community, you might be well acquainted with the fact that online communities are an ideal channel for user onboarding and increasing case deflection rates.

But with customers becoming more informed, their expectations from brands are altering. Now, they look for information that answers ‘why’ they need to purchase a service or product and how it will add value to their operations.

You must ensure that your community is equipped to deliver efficient support to your users in the form of self-service.

How KaseSync optimizes your community:

1. Improved Customer Experience: With KaseSync in place, you can ensure that 100% of users get instant responses. The simple mechanism of the connector escalates unanswered questions to your support teams.

2. Prompt Support: The connector enables your support agents to connect with your customers directly from the community. Once the case is resolved, the agents can log-track-close a case without having to leave the CRM.

3. Better Transparency: The connector empowers you to maintain transparency between your customer and users by always keeping them updated. The updates from support agents are reflected directly to customers in the community.

4. Optimized Service Cost: By implementing the connector in your community, you empower your customers to perform searches easily and receive real-time accurate results that resolve their queries in a breeze. This increases the case deflection rate as the users who create cases find results from multiple interconnected knowledge sources.

Why is KaseSync the Ideal Choice for Your Community?

Here’s what you can achieve by integrating your community with KaseSync:

1. Effortless Case Escalation: With this feature, delivering professional assistance to your community users is just a click away. Customers can escalate a case by clicking on a single option and sending the entire discussion thread in the community to your support team.

2. Seamless Data Sync: This feature of the connector enables you to maintain transparency between your community users and support team. You can ensure an unhindered bi-directional flow of information between your customers and the support reps, all the while improving the CX.

3. Suggestive Case Search: The suggestive search feature ensures that your community users can filter through numerous helpful articles on your community and find the most accurate information. This not only helps them to resolve their queries in real-time but also minimizes case escalation.

4. Complete Administrative Control: Depending on the scale of business, goals, and guidelines might vary. KaseSync is configured in such a way that it can be modified per the needs and requirements of your business.

5. Hassle-Free Case Management: With KaseSync in place, your community users can track the progress of their cases and view all closed cases. They can also view the support staff’s comments on the case and respond using a single interface. Also, the customized case feature allows members to re-open, edit, and close the cases again.

6. Case Management With Partner Support: Not only does KaseSync case connector make it easier for community users to escalate a case, but it also empowers your business partners or stakeholders to provide exceptional customer service. Your partners can view and or comment on cases on behalf of their customers.

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KaseSync can take your community game up a notch by delivering a seamless support experience. With its bidirectional data flow, it offers quick and transparent case handling. With suggestive search, you can maximize your support team’s efficiency by increasing the case deflection rate in your community. So, leverage this connector to enable your customers with prompt support and a superior experience.

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