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Which Add-ons Are The Most Popular In The Salesforce Community

Using the sophisticated Salesforce CRM technology, businesses have successfully connected with their customers and offered them superior service. Salesforce offers a number of tools and techniques to support the many functions of the customer relationship, lead generation, and insight gathering through analytics. Using third-party add-ons, however, has the effect of giving your Salesforce application a steroid injection. The many plugins that Salesforce offers make it tough to choose which is the best solution for your organization. The above plugin list was created to assist you to learn about Salesforce plugins, and help you find helpful plugins for your business to cut down on your workload and earn more money.

  • Box:

If you want a simple, straightforward, and simple to use solution to store and manage all of your files while incorporating collaboration features and making it simple to exchange files, Box for Salesforce is what you need. The software streamlines the process of handling various files, making it simple to manage and exchange data with coworkers (or anyone else for that matter). Box for Salesforce offers several extra capabilities, making it one of the most popular Salesforce add-ons. If you are unable to exchange or update customer-related files within your CRM, what good is it?

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  • Conga Composer:

Salesforce fields and objects may be effortlessly made into papers, contracts, plans, and more using Word, PowerPoint, and Excel with Conga Composer. HTML emails and PDF forms are also supported. As simple as creating invoices, quotations, proposals, and more. Additionally, the flexibility to integrate inside your existing Salesforce workflows, utilizing existing rules to create and send reports automatically is one of the more significant aspects of this product. provide the completed reports via Google Drive, Salesforce, email, or utilize DocuSign, EchoSign, or Sertifi e-signature features to deliver them. To get you even more productivity, you can also schedule solutions, utilize event triggers, or leverage the mail merge feature to produce thousands of documents by email.

  • MailChimp:

While mail management solutions are among the most common email marketing and email management tools available, MailChimp is one of the most prominent. Around 15 million individuals use this app across multiple platforms, with that many using it across all the different platforms. In order to boost email marketing efforts, there is just one solution: use MailChimp for Salesforce. Campaign reports are easy to find and easy to modify to suit your needs. The previous statement also says you may handle customers' concerns, manage subscribers, and do several other tasks with this popular email management application. The software is on the AppExchange and is being described as a DIY email marketing tool.

  • DocuSign:

These days, a contract will never be finalized without an electronic signature. Electronic signature solutions are crucial for a wide range of situations, whether you are signing campaign-related documents or closing deals with specific types of clients. One of the most popular technologies around, and utilized by Salesforce users, is DocuSign Electronic Signatures. This app is accessible on AppExchange, and downloading and installing is quick and simple.

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  • MapAnything:

Since businesses have discovered the value of location in marketing, it is becoming increasingly important for them to pay attention to location. Knowing where the market is situated and where you should shift your business are critical factors in the success of your business. You can quickly integrate routes, territory management, and maps to your Salesforce, all using MapAnything. It should be noted that using MapAnything, you can do many functions around maps in Salesforce, and this is certainly a critical capability for many organizations. To find your company's place in the market, begin utilizing MapAnything.

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