How to Efficiently Handle Subscription Products with Salesforce SaaS CPQ Accelerator?

When it comes to sales, an effective sales tool like Salesforce CPQ helps your team constantly address customer requirements and streamlines the buyer journey. This makes Salesforce CPQ implementation vital for your organization as it lays the foundation for a new sales process. Unfortunately for most companies, the expectations of benefits that a robust CPQ can provide meet the reality of a tedious implementation. What organizations really want is a quick and precise implementation process that accelerates user deployment and helps them generate results faster. What they receive can be slow and sub-optimal. Thankfully, Salesforce CPQ accelerators have been designed to address the go-to-market issues.

At DemandBlue, we offer Salesforce CPQ accelerators that help you fast-track your Salesforce Revenue Cloud journey and launch a swift and efficient implementation. We enable your sales team to speed the sales process with the help of easy product configurations and a way to automate the quote-to-cash process.

What are the Significant Sales Challenges of a SaaS Firm?

Complex ProductsSaaS companies offer complex products that are configured as packages, groups of small products, or can have a vast range of add-ons. It is a time-consuming and challenging process to configure and pull prices from the product catalogue for hundreds or thousands of such products. This cuts down your sales reps’ productivity by forcing them to work on repetitive tasks rather than focusing on sales conversions.

Lengthy Sales Cycle — The sales cycle of most SaaS companies is usually long. It can take days, weeks, or even months to close a deal, as the sales funnel consists of multiple layers. Settling on a single price for thousands of complex products can be a long and taxing process; it remains a constant hurdle for the sales reps.

Poor Buying Experience — From the buyer’s perspective, the sales process can be exhaustive if there’s a lengthy sales cycle. For example, buyers may need to indulge in extensive price negotiations or navigate confusing product configurations just to get a final quote for the products they need. This results in a lower conversion, a weak customer retention rate, and possible customer loss when they switch to competitors.

Data Silos — One of the most common challenges SaaS companies face in their sales process is data silos. Data silos reduce transparency, slow down the decision-making process, and make it difficult for sales reps to close deals quickly and thereby hindering their performance. Data silos also result in poor data analytics and increased data duplication.

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Why Do SaaS Companies Need Salesforce CPQ Accelerators?

There are several good reasons for using a CPQ accelerator. Managing subscription products is one of them, and it represents among the peskiest of challenges faced by SaaS companies and their sales team. With Salesforce CPQ, your team can accomplish these tasks, but it still requires dexterity in the subscription pricing fields and renewal models. However, a solution enhanced and customized to meet the needs of SaaS firms—such as the Salesforce SaaS CPQ accelerator—can tie up all the loose ends.

A SaaS CPQ accelerator comes with pre-configured subscription bundles that have ready-to-launch solutions for efficient subscription implementations. This eliminates manual configurations, which saves time and boosts your sales rep’s productivity.

  • It drives the management of subscription models and pricing rules.
  • It helps sales reps deal with high volume sales with a higher win rate.
  • It improves customer retention and enhances the buyer experience.

DemandBlue’s SaaS Accelerator – The Solution

DemandBlue’s Salesforce SaaS CPQ accelerator aids Software-as-a-Service companies to start their Salesforce CPQ journey and secure their revenue goals quickly. Our SaaS CPQ accelerator will help you leverage the standard subscription product features in Salesforce CPQ and help you go beyond its basic operation. Our Salesforce CPQ experts will guide your sales team as they set up complex subscription products from day one. Our pre-configured subscription bundles and ready-to-launch solutions promise you a quick launch.

SaaS Accelerator

Overcome your Sales Roadblocks with DemandBlue’s SaaS Accelerator

DemandBlue’s custom Salesforce SaaS CPQ accelerator packages enable you to break down the complexities in subscription management and help you configure complex subscription products with ease.

  • Accelerate your sales cycle, manage complex contracts, and engage your customers through smooth self-service buying experiences.
  • Accelerate the Salesforce CPQ implementation process and add agility to subscription-based product management.
  • Our Salesforce SaaS CPQ accelerator will allow your sales reps to deliver the best customer experience with the easy-to-buy sales process and encourage them to repeat your services.
  • Shorten the sales cycle and close deals faster for a quick Lead-to-Quote process.

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Get Started Today

DemandBlue’s custom Salesforce SaaS CPQ accelerator addresses a wide range of sales problems that SaaS companies frequently encounter. Our expertise with Salesforce CPQ solutions coupled with our flexible On-Demand service model promise a hassle-free Salesforce CPQ implementation. Our innovative Salesforce CPQ accelerator solutions will help solve all your subscription management bottlenecks and allow you to sell beyond your targets. Transform your SaaS business and accelerate revenue growth with DemandBlue’s custom SaaS CPQ accelerator.

If you are looking for an efficient Salesforce SaaS CPQ accelerator setup, then you have arrived at the right place.

Learn how you can implement DemandBlue’s custom SaaS CPQ accelerator to drive your SaaS sales productivity and close deals at lightning speed!


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