Salesforce Customer 360

Salesforce Customer 360: A Comprehensive Guide (2021)

In today’s business environment, it is important for companies to improve how they interact with their customers.

With the introduction of Salesforce Customer 360, you are able to gain better insight into your client base while connecting each department under one single platform.

This creates an improved overall customer experience resulting in increased revenue potential for any business or company looking towards the future of the digital age!

In this article, we are going to study and see how Salesforce Customer 360 can help you improve your business.

Customer 360 can unify all of your customer data across various points and channels as well as other external resources, such as market trends and data sources.

The information that is gathered enables you to create a better customer experience that ultimately impacts revenue growth!

“Set your strategy, prioritize what’s important to your target audience, and then pick the tools in droves.”

The Customer 360 allows companies to leverage data that will enable them with an understanding of their customers’ needs.

This information can be used by executives who are responsible for strategic initiatives and product managers who seek ways to connect new ideas or products with existing information about customers.

Salesforce Customer 360

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Let us now look at the different aspects of customer 360.

1. Customer 360 Truth

With the Salesforce Customer 360 Truth, you can now visualize each customer’s behavior and transactional data in a single view; all from one trusted source.

This information can be used by marketers who want to keep track of their specific B2B customers, respond faster to new opportunities, and provide better service than they would through traditional marketing efforts.

2. Customer 360 Identity

The Salesforce Customer 360 identity has the capacity to create a universal profile for your customer.

This data can be collected, combined, and logged to provide your business with the capacity to build a reliable customer identity that will enable you to track performance across channels like no other solution in the marketplace today.

3. Customer 360 Data Manager

This component is focused on Salesforce’s ability to capture information about new customers coming into your business system either via source or through specific campaigns.

It also allows them to track how each channel is contributing to revenue growth or decline, depending upon their criteria!

4. Customer 360 Audiences

This offers an important view of how target audiences interact with your product or companies using many different features among which are retail, sales and review tracking, etc.

This provides essential information regarding customer sentiment, trending opinions.

You can also create custom audience segments using this feature.

5. Customer 360 Privacy Center

Enabling you to manage consent and notification for each of your customers as well as add individual data protection rules for each company represented in the Salesforce Customer 360 interface.

This feature can be very helpful when conducting business overseas or in a country with strict privacy policies!

6. Customer 360 Data Analytics

This is an important part of building a successful customer engagement strategy towards targeted individuals by leveraging actionable insights.
It provides various solutions that are necessary to have a complete picture of your firm’s performance!

The Salesforce product provides a platform that allows you to consolidate client data from different sources, creating one roof for your customers’ information.

This will also help you analyze data regarding trends, build products that fit certain customer expectations and make informed decisions about what needs.

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Salesforce 360 Pricing

Salesforce 360 works on a subscription model with prices starting at $25/ user per month for the standard edition.

For higher editions, you will have to pick the $100/user per month deal.


Gaining an understanding of the various areas in which customers have expressed a need for improvement will allow us to develop the perfect product or provide service for them!

If you’re wishing to implement Salesforce 360 for your business, please reach out to us for a free consultation here.


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