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4 Major Advantages of Salesforce Einstein Analytics for Sales Managers

For many years, most of the Salesforce users were using reports and dashboards to quickly look up their data, perceive performance, and communicate results. But with time, it has become a big challenge to manually explore their data. Due to this, Salesforce launched Einstein Analytics, a platform that solves the challenge of gathering all the information in one place to answer key queries of business users.

With the help of Salesforce Einstein Analytics, organizations can offer valuable insights through the platform’s intuitive functionality. By clicking on the visual interface, companies can empower their service agents, analysts, marketers, and sales representatives without creating mathematical models or writing algorithms. One of the best features of this platform is that it delivers a portfolio of self-service analytics and contextually relevant applications that empower each Customer Relationship Management (CRM) user to explore information and uncover insights from an easy sales pipeline dashboard to the foremost sophisticated and complicated forecasting decision.

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Sales representatives can benefit from Einstein Analytics as it offers feasibility into their performance in one place. The managers can drill into their pipelines to grasp the changes. Sales representatives can further discover new opportunities into their accounts with Whitespace Analysis. They can quickly perceive that the product has been sold out. It provides an edge to the sales process by providing real-time data and its calculations using its parameters/measures, thus, providing the user a personalized and dynamic data.

How does Salesforce Einstein Analytics benefit sales managers?

1. Pipeline Management

The largest advantage of Einstein Analytics for sales managers is all about knowing what changes are made in the opportunity pipeline in real-time. Using it, managers can read new deals that go into or out of the sales amount and compare closed deals that were either won or lost. Einstein Analytics helps in evaluating trends in opportunity categories for the growth of the sales pipeline and provides a list of opportunities to work on, all within the application. Whenever the sales representative manipulates the sales process, the platform can dynamically change the parameters for all the sales process dashboards and display the data at lightning speed.

2. Performance

Sales managers can compare the performances with achievements across the sales time-frame, then move on to building individual team members to check their performance with quotas and may expeditiously monitor the pipeline. Leader view dashboards present a top-notch view of KPI and permit more exploration of the data to take action on while not leaving the application, therefore, providing transparent data and performance-based rewarding to the sales process.

3. Sales Einstein Forecasting

Salesforce Einstein Forecasting provides top quality benefits to sales managers as they are able to exactly estimate sales and revenue. Forecasting dashboards may be used by sales managers to set up for the sales period or to set up for the future quarter and tell when the expected deals will be closed. Sales managers can activate the notifications once the pipeline quantity changes or once they square-measure some modifications within the deals. Providing data perspective is the new edge that can help the sales process with the future demands of the effective sales process and bottlenecks that may come. This provides data based on the previous trends in the cycle and also on the basis of the data already processed by the sales, thus, providing a better understanding of the market in the future.

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4. Whitespace Analysis

With the assistance of Salesforce Einstein Analytics, sales managers can focus on their time and energy on the correct deals by activating whitespace analysis. The platform’s potential to acknowledge which products are sold out to accounts and opportunities will, henceforth, be created based on the specific needs of that account. With this, the customer/account will have personalized items and deals that will cater to its own needs.

Salesforce Einstein Analytics provides the best scenarios prospectively and retrospectively to make the experience of the sales process human-like which helps in increasing the sales revenue and automating the trends and preparing for the future needs of the market to cope up with the market standards.

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Reference: Algoworks

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