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How Salesforce CPQ Software Eliminates Sales Hurdles?

In this era of an automated CRM solution like Salesforce CPQ, if your sales team is still struggling in generating quotes, writing proposals and closing deals, you might not be aware of the outstanding functionalities of this Salesforce solution. The CPQ software can eliminate the number of sales hurdles and make the process easier. Here is how?

How does Salesforce CPQ Software Make the Sales Process Easy?

To make impactful decisions, they directly linked the Salesforce product with CRM. Salesforce CPQ works for configuration, price, and quote matters that help sales reps to work rapidly. It helps them to analyze what customers are looking for and what price will be appropriate for them?       

Now let’s understand CPQ benefits by analyzing its effect on all configurations, prices and Quotes. 

  • How Does CPQ Ease Configuration?

Sales reps can’t memorise every prospect and their sales history. But when they use CPQ, they get complete data that helps in an easy and accurate configuration. Sales reps can understand customers' demands as CPQ makes sure customers also see related products with the product customer choose.   

  • How Does CPQ Help in Pricing?

Once you find the right product price and apply a respective discount on it, you can sit back and watch CPQ handling things, including maths. It is how you can focus on customers rather than solving and calculating sums.

  • How Does CPQ Help in Quote?

A click and PDF of the quote is ready. However, if you want customization efficiently, you can do it, especially when the entire team is using the software. It eases the process with automatic e-signature integrations and other special terms.  

Rather than this Salesforce, CPQ helps with order management, payment receipt, invoicing, contract negotiation, closing complex deals, generating insightful reports, and minimising financial risks.      

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CPQ Eliminates the Number of Sales Hurdles

While saving the time for sales reps they spend chasing contracts and filling spreadsheets, CPQ offers full access to data that reduce the complexity of sales workers, such as quotes and product price settings. The CRM solution helps to enforce discounting guidelines and intelligence discounting guidelines for up-scaling sales. It also generates quotes by cutting off the approval time and configuring quote errors.   

Let’s Extend the Vision to See it a Little More 

  • Better data integration- There is a difference between high-quality data and just data. For achieving goals, the data should be quality and less time taking. Make sure each team member can easily access data, such as sales revenue, forecast, make pricing decisions and customer service. CPQ platform works on the betterment of both ERP and CRM while creating a virtual warehouse.
  • Refine decision making- At the time of complex sales, it is exhausting and jargon for salespeople to make a quick decision. However, when they do so, it is often inaccurate and less productive. But CPQ software eases the process, and CRM clears the sales to funnel. Though the system is already quite easy to understand and continuously working on CPQ, developers making it less technical for sales reps.    
  • Powerful AI automation and analysis- AI is an important part of CPQ that makes it smarter, versatile, and cost-friendly. Its rapid work offers a vast amount of calculation, surveys, and analysis of complex issues. The best part of the AI included solution is that every data will be accurate and on time. 
  • Shrink complexity- For selling a range of complex products, it feels like selling a new one each time. But when they use Salesforce software, it reduces complexity for both customers and salespeopleWhere one side, it lets efficiently produces sales for reps facing no complexity. Another side makes it easy for customers to understand products with sales tools like AI and data segmentation.
  • Offer a customized solution for out of the box conditions- Like customers, their requirements are also unique. That’s where sales reps face challenges for both new and familiar ones. In such a case, you need to customize your selling strategy, which is possible with a variety of product configurations. CPQ eliminates the bottleneck conditions while improving sales.            

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