Salesforce CPQ Quickstart – Implement Salesforce CPQ in Weeks, not Months!

“Quickstart” is a term that has been casually used in the technology space to project a sense of urgency and action, especially in relation to project implementations. Salesforce and Salesforce partner organizations are no exception to this, but rather than a marketing gimmick, at DemandBlue – Quickstart means what it says. Quickstart programs and packages act as a quick fix where companies can implement Salesforce products in weeks, not months, across all its products.

Our Salesforce Quickstart solutions provide a structured plan that determines the timeline, business processes, and configurations needed to implement the Salesforce CPQ solution. DemandBlue’s Quickstart package creates a roadmap to help your organization create a long-term strategic vision, the implementation of which can be reduced to weeks.

Salesforce CPQ Quickstart

Quickstart is a fast, straightforward, four to six-week implementation practice to implement Salesforce products focused on critical planning, decision making, custom configuration, and more. Quickstart implementation provides results-driven value to your business from day one. With CPQ Quickstart, you will have extensive multi-stage approval processes, guided selling interfaces, and complex pricing options.

DemandBlue’s CPQ Quickstart—begin your CPQ journey with us

Whether you are new to Salesforce or you want to enhance your existing solution, DemandBlue’s Salesforce Quickstart implementation practice is ideal for a favourable return on investment.

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Our approach to Salesforce CPQ implementation

DemandBlue’s CPQ specialists work with your team to understand your needs, timeline, and expected business value. From that, we create CPQ configurations that best fit your sales processes.


Our team will run interactive sessions to learn about your business processes and capture requirements to optimize your quote-to-cash process and sales performance using CPQ.


Based on the requirements from your team, our team of experts will configure the Salesforce platform to support your sales and finance operations by optimizing the UI and objects such as contacts, documents, and quote templates.


We provide configuration demonstrations at multiple implementation points to understand and test how effectively your customers can use the application. Based on the reviews and feedback, our team will configure the platform for different user roles.


Our team will test the configuration under various use cases. After a successful quality assessment, the sandbox configurations will be moved to a production environment as the application is ready for users.

Training Sessions:

Successful implementation of CPQ includes team training for smooth adoption and normal operations. We create an admin portal and user guides with screenshots on how to navigate each module and reinforce this with end-to-end virtual training sessions.


Post-go-live support includes making minor modifications to the applications to improve sales and customer satisfaction.

DemandBlue’s CPQ Quickstart Package:

Salesforce CPQ Quickstart

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Why do you need CPQ? Here are a few reasons.

      • Your team frequently sends inaccurate sales quotes to prospects.
      • Someone in the team manually reviews quotes and generates invoices.
      • Your team uses a spreadsheet or text editor to create sales quotes.
      • Your entire sales team spends too much time on roadmaps rather than selling.
      • You need to respond to market shifts and consumer demands.

Key benefits of CPQ Quickstart that support your success

      • Accelerate the operational efficiency of your entire deal flow within the CRM.
      • With Salesforce CPQ, you can quickly set up the right product combinations that your customers are searching for and suggest additional products they might need.
      • Leverage our pre-configured product bundles and solutions for quick and easy deployment.
      • Stick to a fixed fee structure and reduce your operational costs with our On-Demand Service model.
      • Start now, and launch your custom Salesforce CPQ platform in under six weeks.

Kickstart your CPQ journey with DemandBlue’s Quickstart program

Every organization has different goals and different operational approaches to accomplish them. We tailor each CPQ solution to your specific needs through a personalized assessment, planning, implementation, and administration. Leverage our flexible on-demand service with a Pay-As-You-Use model for your CPQ Quickstart implementation. Reduce the operational costs and maximize your Salesforce investment today with DemandBlue.


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