How DemandBlue Helped Its Customers to Improve Sales and ROI Using Salesforce CPQ Implementation

As a comprehensive and feature-rich platform, Salesforce CPQ is an easy choice for any organization to improve its customers’ buying journey. DemandBlue is an equally clear option to create a positive impact with CPQ on every aspect of the business across major industries such as high-tech, manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, and nonprofits. Businesses can quickly accomplish their CPQ implementation, customization, and integration needs with our tailored Salesforce CPQ services.

By way of illustration, let’s share with you how we helped one of our clients enhance their sales operations and improve ROI with our CPQ implementation and customization services.

How DemandBlue’s Salesforce CPQ implementation services helped a leading cloud-based dental practice management software provider improve their ROI by 30%

Better patient care and sales processes are the ultimate keys for any dental management platform to succeed. To elevate such a strategy, a California-based dental practice management solution provider partnered with us to optimize and enhance their popular tool for dental practitioners. We helped reduce the complexities in their sales operations and automated critical tasks with our Salesforce CPQ implementation and advisory services.

The client encountered numerous challenges in their existing operations, such as customization of prices, feature enhancement, and others. To overcome these challenges and more easily manage their diverse pricing needs, they approached DemandBlue. We helped them structure a better pricing model, automated the quoting process, and improved operational efficiency with our Salesforce CPQ services.

The top priority for us was to solve the client’s pain points with their non-flexible Dental Practice Management platform. The client offered a variety of packages and discounts to each customer, but that resulted in the sales team having to create multiple price books. Time and money were being expended needlessly.

  • The sales team found it challenging to manage and keep track of the pricing and package customizations as they occurred ad hoc out of the CRM platform.
  • It was an arduous task to monitor all the records in various word and excel documents and upload the orders manually on finance apps.

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DemandBlue’s solution – implementation of Salesforce CPQ to configure bundles, baseline prices, and to automate critical tasks.

Following the strategic approach and systematic assessment with stakeholders, the DemandBlue team provided advisory services by gathering the pain points with which the sales and finance team struggled. Since Salesforce CPQ is a powerful tool to handle the gaps between sales and finance, our team suggested using the CPQ platform and configuring bundles, baseline pricing, and other operational modifications.

After the successful implementation and configuration of CPQ, the processes in dental practice management were completely automated. The CPQ service automated the overall operations and functionalities such as contract creation, product bundling, segregating booking and billing opportunities, and auto-renewal of quotes. We enabled real-time notifications for price rule alerts and error messages depending on product invoices which increased the agility of the system.

The results – we redefined the overall operations with our CPQ implementation services.

  • Solved the most arduous price configurations and improved sales
    Bundled the price books based on products, industry, and discounts, which caused the sales to rise by 47%.
  • Increase in deal size, up-sell, and cross-sell
    The client’s dental practice management system experienced a massive spike in the overall ROI by 30%.
  • Creation of quotes and proposals made easier
    The dental practice system saw a decrease in the quoting time by 7%.
  • Automated the overall sales process
    We automated the standardization of discounts and sales processes and improved customer satisfaction by 12%.

If you want a result-driven CPQ implementation, you have arrived at the right place.

DemandBlue’s approach to agile technology and unique CPQ implementation clearly reflects our mission—to achieve CPQ success for global industries. Our deep-rooted experience in Salesforce CPQ solution will enable us to customize our implementation to align with your specific industry and unique business needs. Our industry-specific expertise and skilled team of Salesforce-certified CPQ expe

rts will promise you a hassle-free implementation and put you on the road to success.

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To speed the process with CPQ services, we offer Accelerator packages such as CPQ Quickstart and SaaS Accelerator for a subscription-based business model. Your CPQ implementation will be operational within days, not weeks. Our fixed, results-driven CPQ implementation approach features the following:

  • Ensures lightning-fast implementation
  • Reduces implementation cost through Pay-As-You-Use model
  • Drives superior customer experience irrespective of the industry

It’s your turn for success. Partner with DemandBlue and elevate your business value with our Salesforce CPQ implementation and customization services.

Deliver more value with DemandBlue’s On-Demand Services for Salesforce CPQ.

DemandBlue has a proven approach to delivering end-to-end CPQ implementation services with customization, enhancement of features, and value focus that helps manage your business challenges. Our On-Demand Services for Salesforce CPQ, driven by the Pay-As-You-Use model, will quickly help you get started with your CPQ journey. Reimagine your quote-to-cash process and customer experience with our Salesforce CPQ implementation services.

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