Reimagine Your Salesforce CPQ Implementation On Demand

Most businesses today expect implementation resources to be On-Demand because of the agile development environment and overall cost factors that arise. A Salesforce implementation should focus on comprehensive user management, custom object maintenance, security management, and package maintenance support service, all of which are cornerstones of On-Demand Service. With the same determination and innovation, DemandBlue provides an On-Demand Service (ODS) for Salesforce CPQ implementations with a convenient Pay-As-You-Use model.

Why Do Companies Prefer On-demand Implementation As Their Default Model?

Implementing a new Salesforce solution or integrating an existing one into your organization can be a daunting, time-consuming task. With multiple processes and technology to consider, it’s essential to choose an agile implementation to align with your organizational objective and accelerate the time-to-market.

An On-demand Service Offers Various Benefits:

      • Increased visibility of implementation through consistent analysis of data and reports.
      • Enable quick, result-driven action irrespective of infrastructure upgrade, resource planning, or strategies.
      • Agile implementation through process automation and customization of the Salesforce products.

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How Does Salesforce CPQ Help Uplift Your Operational Model?

Leverage Salesforce CPQ to streamline the quote-to-cash process and enhance your sales cycle. The Salesforce CPQ solution enables your sales team to configure pricing rules and automate product sales cycles and billing—a lot more than just selling.

      • Create branded, accurate, and custom quotes with a quote generator platform facilitated by discounts approval, invoice build, e-signature capability, and more.
      • Deploy a step-by-step configuration wizard with experience-guided selling that assists the user to quickly sort through a vast product catalogue listing with targeted questions.
      • Use templates to automate and customize proposals and eliminate tedious manual efforts. Further, contracts can be developed effortlessly with the integration of the preferred e-sign platform.
      • Use advanced order management to automate complex orders and efficiently manage the overall quotes irrespective of time, location, and country.
      • Monitor funds, determine budgets, assess tax liability, and constantly measure your organization’s revenue recognition dashboard.

Before approaching any Salesforce consultant partnership, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of your product, sales process, and pricing. Salesforce CPQ is an advanced enterprise solution best implemented with an experienced Salesforce Partner by your side to maximize your investment.

DemandBlue’s ODS Model – An Enterprise-grade Solution to Amplify Your Salesforce ROI

“DemandBlue’s On-Demand Service ensures faster deployment. As a result of which your total cost of ownership can be 5-10 times less than traditional methods.”

DemandBlue’s Salesforce On-Demand Service provides a Pay-As-You-Use model to meet your fluctuating needs based on resources, technology, and strategies to execute your Salesforce CPQ implementation quicker and result-driven.

      • Enables rapid solution delivery with a consistent focus on the business goals.
      • Agile methodology to improve the development of the CPQ platform.
      • Competitive pricing, you only pay for what you use—Pay-As-You-Use.
      • No hassles while resource planning and managing other vital implementations.
      • The ability to scale resources and infrastructure based on demand.
      • Our On-Demand Service addresses a potential skills gap between your organizations’ technology and in-house resource.
      • On-Demand Service helps create a robust data architecture to accelerate the customer-centric approach of each implemented functionality.

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Launch Your CPQ Implementation Faster With DemandBlue’s On-Demand Service

DemandBlue can launch your Salesforce CPQ journey faster with our proven implementation methodology and Salesforce Revenue Cloud accelerator packages. Our On-Demand Service model and Salesforce CPQ accelerators will get your implementation done in days, not months. Through constant engagement and On-Demand execution is how we promise a quick and hassle-free CPQ implementation.

Launch DemandBlue’s On-Demand Salesforce CPQ model to automate sales, invoices, quotes, and payment processes!

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