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An exceptional customer experience is crucial to the success of any business as it fosters loyalty, brand advocacy, and helps you increase your customer base.

However, stellar customer experience doesn’t happen on its own.

According to Salesforce, customer experience covers every interaction across multiple touchpoints that a customer or a prospect may have with a business.

At every touchpoint, the gap between customer expectations and experience is the true differentiator between customer delight and a lost customer.

That’s why it is so important that your frontline staff is as valuable to the customer as possible.

And needless to say, customer service representatives are brand ambassadors.

So it’s important to ensure your customer-facing staff is equipped to resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently.

But How?

While today’s customers certainly take advantage of a variety of communication channels to reach out to brands, research shows that email is still a popular choice. Thus, businesses need to find a way to ensure their customer emails are getting through.

This is what Email to Case helps businesses with.

In the world of Salesforce, Email to Case (E2C) helps businesses convert customer emails into cases, track issues, and resolve them.

So when a customer sends an email, E2C automatically creates a case against that email inside Salesforce. The content of the email goes inside the case field. Consequently, it eliminates the process of copying and pasting the information manually.

E2C is definitely an out-of-the-box Salesforce feature that turns emails into support cases, sends auto-replies, distributes them to your support team, and takes other automated actions.

However, the tricky challenge still remains – it creates duplicate cases on the same email thread.

Also known as the infinite email loop, it is one of the biggest issues E2C has to overcome.

And unfortunately, that’s not all!

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There are some other limitations to Salesforce E2C, such as:

  • Has limited email templates to choose from
  • Makes it difficult to identify the right attachment
  • Does not automatically reopen a closed case or notify if a customer has new information
  • Creates cases that may be difficult to understand
  • Difficulty in managing emails from non-customers

What’s an Ideal Solution?

Seeing the limitations of Salesforce E2C and how it can hurt your customer service, Grazitti maestros brewed up a solution – Email to Case Advance (E2C Advance).

Email to Case Advance is a power booster that extends the standard capabilities of Email-to-Case with a more efficient solution for creating cases via email in Salesforce.

It comes packed with amazing features and use cases aimed at simplifying case management.

Some of Its Prime Features Include:

  • Cleaning case comments and attachments
  • Managing issues forwarded by your employees
  • Handling responses received on closed cases
  • Notifying everyone in To, CC, and BCC

… and much more.

Benefits of Using E2CA

Better Accessible Information

E2C Advance makes it easier for support agents to understand the information added to the cases. It places the email text including the subject and attachments (if any) into the ‘Advance Case Comments’ section, enabling better visibility.

Consistent Communication

As a matter of fact, customers dislike waiting for responses and solutions. Don’t let it be a roadblock to providing better customer service.

Effective communication is the key to improving relationships with customers.

Email to Case Advance makes it easier to maintain consistent communication with your customers.

Increased Agent Productivity

Each case involves multiple tasks to solve, including checking case history, creating emails with added attachments, and keeping case information up-to-date.

Email to Case Advance provides critical information in a single view. This not only increases agents’ productivity and response times but also simplifies communication between teams and customers.

Improved Customer Experience

Delivering prompt customer service improves customer satisfaction and encourages them to keep coming back.

With Email to Case Advance, your support agents can respond to customer issues quickly while lowering operational costs and securing long-term growth for your business.

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Wrapping Up

Customer service is the backbone of a great customer experience.

Businesses that want to win at customer experience need to start with their employees.

E2C Advance empowers your support agents and accelerates customer support operations for faster case resolutions and happier customers.

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