Wonder How Salesforce Commerce Cloud Provides Seamless User Experiences for eCommerce Businesses

Shifting primary demand from offline shopping to online shopping, eCommerce innovations have revolutionized the industry. As customers indulge in online shopping, they seek to demand connected and unified experiences.

Statistics show that the global eCommerce market is expected to rise to $18.89 trillion by 2027. To nurture flawless user experience and stay ahead in cut-throat competition, you need to make sure your company is not the one odd one out. With Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration into your B2B or B2C eCommerce business, customers can get a truly coordinated retail experience from exploring products and services to delivering and what lies beyond.

Let's Dive More into Salesforce Commerce Cloud Solution

Although various eCommerce solutions are on the market, only a few can provide ultimate experiences like Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC). The innovation from Salesforce is a cloud-based, multi-tenant commerce platform that empowers brands to build intelligent, integrated, and responsive buying experiences across channels, such as web, social, mobile, and store.

SFCC is not like any other internet commerce platform. This is the best of cloud commerce because of the unique opportunity that SFCC provides to control customer journeys through data-driven touchpoints and artificial intelligence. In a nutshell, by unlocking revenue opportunities across channels, you can offer a seamless user experience with Salesforce's commerce cloud solution that is agile, scalable, and customizable.

Why Choose SFCC?

This is classified as an omnichannel platform-facilitated retailer with advanced control from the invention through engagement, transactions, analytics, community development, customer service, and robust user relationships.

Salesforce Caters to both B2C and B2B products in the eCommerce Industry

Retailers and Wholesalers expand the capabilities of working in B2C and B2B environments. Regardless of whom the businesses want to cater to, Salesforce develops practical and innovative eCommerce solutions - B2C commerce & B2B commerce.

B2B commerce

B2B Commerce is exclusively designed to build an online buying and selling experience seamless to build strong relationships. In this market segment, transactions and exchanges of products and services occur between companies; they only buy online from their business customers.

B2B commerce system released with features to take care of bulk orders, rapid checkouts, and complex shipping functionality for business buyers. It offers benefits like authenticated site logins, customized transactions, fast & easy placing orders, etc. Today, most significant customers, goods and manufacturing business entities are powered by B2B commerce.

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B2C commerce

B2C segment companies market their products and services directly to their end customer. Customers purchase products and services for their personal use; hence the order size is small, and low transaction amount. B2B commerce entitles brands to develop custom buying experiences across devices. Retailers can evolve their customer buying experience through innovations like online payments, faster checkouts, and an updated list of items. In this segment, customer interactions go way beyond visiting a brand's website to buying products and services; B2C Commerce is explicitly designed to interact with prospects through social media and email.

Before we discuss the advantages you will get by integrating Salesforce; we want to focus on some newest and updated features of Salesforce Commerce Cloud that will benefit your business altogether in a unique manner.

Einstein Visual Search

Rapid adoption of online shopping by searching listed products on-site; today, users prefer visual search over text and keywords. Due to this digital transformation, Salesforce introduced Einstein, an AI-based feature that empowers users to search, shop, and explore the list of products through photos. This advanced technology works on AI algorithms where users upload images from their devices, and Einstein Visual Search Automatically offers them a similar type of product.

Einstein Recommendation Engine

The recommendation engine of Salesforce promotes the right product to the right target audience at the right time through the right digital channel. Experts shared that 31% of online business revenue comes from recommendation offerings, and Amazon gets 35% of its income from its recommendation engine. This add-on feature embraces the new possibilities of high Conversion Rate and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Developers Explore KPIs

This feature allows developers to search for different APIs for testing various cases and functions. Developers can find all Commerce-related APIs under a single portal, and a simplified user interface enables developers to design and test new experiences effectively and efficiently.

Commerce Pricing Model - SFCC's price strategy was recently updated to allow smaller merchants to use the platform. The new pricing is based on a Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) model, and it comes in three flavors: starter, growth, and unlimited. GVM refers to an e-commerce store's total gross revenue during a specific period.
Benefits of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Following are Some of the Top Benefits of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Enhance Marketing Tools

You can link your customers with the correct product, variety, price, offer, and content at the right time using SFCC, increasing conversion rates and increasing average order value. You can manage and exchange product data, photos, and content across catalogues, categories, and websites. With SFCC, you can combine all of these things across multiple sites, using different currencies and languages. You get a one-stop shop for your company's paid advertising, email marketing campaigns, social media management, and reporting needs.

Predictive Intelligence

In June 2021, the SFCC released a new and advanced feature entangled with Artificial Intelligence - Einstein AI, to see the transformation in people's desire to see and shop for what they like rather than what you promote. Einstein uses AI in analyzing customer predictions and offering the most relevant products at various touchpoints. Third-party extensions and manual data analysis are no longer required with this next-generation technology. The flexibility of SFCC allows you to integrate any AI, enabled add-on tools or apps to assist with data analysis and automate digital marketing operations.

It provides data-based insights, real-time predictions, and streamlined workflows that help businesses attain sustainable success.

Rare Customized Experiences

Shoppers are concerned about more extraordinary personalized experiences. With the help of SFCC, you can create unique shopping procedures considering customer behavior. For instance - Crafting a single-page checkout procedure is a streamlined experience for users. You can also customize the offerings based on location and language.

Robust Mobile Experience

The digital revolution came due to the heavy adoption of mobile device usage states that users spend maximum time for online interaction through mobile. It has become necessary for eCommerce websites to focus on the responsive design of their digital store to bring an exceptional mobile experience for end-users.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud nurtures your digital presence to facilitate and emphasize the mobile-friendly approach while creating remarkable shopping experiences for your worldwide mobile audiences.

Enhance Scalability

As organizations grow, eCommerce platforms must scale. Every big brand needs to handle a lot of traffic, rapid traffic surges, significant transaction volumes, and inventory. SFCC can assist organizations in dealing with traffic spikes on the go, scaling automatically, building faster-loading sites, ensuring secure transactions, and much more.

Omnichannel Capabilities

SFCC may combine eCommerce, more engagement, and offline shop operations into one SaaS system. The primary goal of this platform is to allow retailers to manage their businesses across different channels from a single location. It is commonly regarded as a way to scale up operations, sales, and fulfilment.

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Storefront Internationalization

Go Global by scaling up your single digital presence at various locations worldwide from a single back-end system. SFCC provides the ability to manage all of your product data sets for other stores. This exclusive storefront internationalization allows you to handle various details such as billing, pricing, and product availability at multiple locations, languages, and currencies. During any technical emergency, the support team from Salesforce quickly resolves the issues to prevent any business downtime.

Extraordinary Customer Support

Delight your customers with exceptional customer support to increase their customer lifetime value. Access to round-the-clock assistance is one of the reasons why SFCC is the #1 CRM platform. Providing world-class training on customer support systems enables your staff to quickly resolve all issues, from addressing security concerns to fixing codes to giving a streamlined experience.

Final Thoughts

Salesforce Commerce Cloud has become the most powerful, effective, and scalable solution for eCommerce entities due to its benefits with advanced features like AI integration, Omnichannel marketing, internationalization, and open commerce APIs. Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides products considering the type and size of your business, priorities, user category, and level of customization required in your platform.


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