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Creating a Salesforce Strategy in 2021

As 2021 nears its end it’s not pessimistic anymore to imagine that the pandemic will be here for a little longer. Unfortunately, that also means that businesses have to find a way to continuously adapt to lockdowns and the never-ending government measures to control the spread of the disease. But one of the best ways for your business to cope and stay afloat is to employ Salesforce as your number one system to build and maintain crucial sales relationships. There are a number of Salesforce strategies that your business can use to better customer relations and boost sales. Here are some of them;

  1. Make Customer Experience a Priority

As much as the pandemic has crippled much of the business world, one thing is for sure, the importance of positive customer experience has never been much clearer. Any business that wants to succeed in 2021 has to prioritize its consumers. This they can do by monitoring what their audiences like and what they would rather not have. Salesforce provides the necessary strategies to make sure your customers are enjoying your services and you are making the sales required to keep your business going.

One of the strategies that Salesforce allows the use of tools like the Salesforce Marketing Cloud to interact with your customers via personalized emails, top-notch social posts, and CTA (call-to-action) buttons that direct customers to other valuable resources. With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, your business can get valuable insights on consumer data like interactions, mobile user stats, sales, engagements, and more. You can use these insights to check on customer experience and also build and improve your marketing experience.

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  1. Make Use of Mobile Tools

In the same spirit of ensuring your customers are getting the best from your business and improve your sales in 2021, don’t forget to factor in the potency of mobile devices in driving sales to your business. Salesforce has a number of tools that can help you leverage the dominance of mobile devices in today’s market. Your company needs to use the Mobile Publisher tool to stay connected with the customer and also improve the company sales. Mobile Publisher allows you to build customized mobile apps that not only help you to engage with your customers but with employees and different teams in your company.

For instance, if you have a website that helps students with dissertation writing services, you can use Mobile Publisher to create a personalized app that reflects what the company offers. You can make unique icons for your company, incorporate personal colors, and improve the overall visual identity that resonates with most students.

  1. Make Use of Customer Self-service Portals

Salesforce advocates for the use of Self-Service Portals to bring your customers even close and improve outreach. Self-Service portals give your customers access to many services that can quickly help solve their problems and you cannot do without them in 2021. According to Salesforce, the best self-service portal has to include a collection of FAQs, videos, diagrams, articles, how-to guides, password reset capabilities, community forums, and much more.

There are many advantages to opting for customer service portals especially for companies with high demand. Instead of having to wait to speak to a customer service representative, customers can easily settle their own issues by interacting with a self-service portal. Benefits of using self-service portals in 2021 include;

  • Improve service agents' productivity because, with customers able to solve their own issues, agents can focus on helping customers with more pressing issues.
  • Reduced customer service costs.
  • Even better-personalized consumer experience. You can address customers by name as they log in and use their data to address common issues.
  • Increased site traffic as more people visits your website to access the knowledge base in your portals.

With many customers now visiting your website to access information through the service portals, you can generate higher sales for 2021.

  1. Make Use of Synchronized Integrations

Businesses that want to boost their sales in 2021 will have to make use of synchronized integrations using Salesforce. With these integrations, your business can benefit from customized sales processes and improved customer service operations, and overall experience. One example would be to integrate a credit card processing software into a Salesforce platform. This allows the sales team to accept payments directly and eliminates the need to transfer every payment to the accounting team.

You can integrate the Internet of Things (IoT) with salesforce to connect several devices with your business using the internet. These connections can then allow you to interact with customer data and help you track consumer trends in real-time. This then allows your business to address needs quickly and generate more sales.

  1. Make Use of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a famous business tool that helps companies to automate processes, predict buying trends, and understand data. AI is even more important in 2021. A Salesforce strategy that doesn’t include AI will certainly prove to be non-effective in the long run. Salesforce allows access to Einstein AI that teaches your team to “make smart moves” to improve sales. With Einstein AI you can use your sales history to win more leads. The AI predicts which leads will likely convert and gives valuable insights into the data.

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2021 should be a different year from what 2020 was but the challenges in the business world are expected to persist. With the pandemic showing no signs of going away, making smart choices for your business will be crucial. Choosing the right Salesforce strategy for your CRM should help you navigate through most of the year and make tremendous sales while at it.

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