Campaigns in Salesforce

Campaigns in Salesforce - A Brief Guide

What is a Campaign? 

One of the most underutilized tools in the Salesforce toolbox is the campaign. A campaign functions almost like a folder or container for associated marketing initiatives. A campaign record makes it easier to unite marketing resources and potential clients so that you may plan ahead or assess your progress. 

Campaigns are used by marketers to track the number of leads, pipelines, and sales that have been closed as a result of their marketing efforts. 

A general rule of thumb is to employ a campaign if there is financial spending associated with an effort because campaigns are excellent for tracking return on investment (ROI). 

Here are Some Examples of Campaigns in Use: 

  • Events, conferences, and trade shows 
  • Email marketing 
  • Webinars 
  • Direct mail promotion 
  • Ad banners 
  • Campaigns for calling or telemarketing 
  • Public Affairs 

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Campaign-Related Objects and Related Lists 

  • Campaign Members 
  • Campaign Influence 
  • Campaign Hierarchy 

Creating a Campaign in Salesforce 

  • Click New on the Campaigns tab. 
  • Give the campaign a name. 
  • Choose a campaign type, such as an email, webinar, conference, or advertisement. 
  • Choose a campaign status. 
  • Set the Budgeted Cost and Expected Revenue to an estimate for the time being. 
  • Type a description. 
  • Press Save. 

How Campaign is related to Lead and Contact 

A campaign is related to a Lead and Contact through the Campaign Member Object. The Campaign Member Responded field lets you know whether a lead or contact has reacted to your marketing message, as its name suggests. This enables you to screen out unresponsive leads and nurture those who have responded to your message. 

How to Create Campaign and Connect Lead using Apex 

//First Step to create a new campaign and Insert it 
Campaign cm = new Campaign(name='Any Name', isactive=true); 
insert cm; 
//Now Create a new lead and Insert it 
lead l = new lead(lastname='new lead test',company='new'); 
insert l; 
// Now we have to create a campaign member which will connect campaign and lead together and insert the campaignmember 
campaignmember mem = new campaignmember(campaignid =,leadid =; 
insert mem;

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Exception in Campaign Member Object 

Each record has a distinct ID and can only have either a ContactId or a LeadId, but it cannot contain both of them. 

Any attempt to combine both into a single record is successful, however, just the  ContactId is entered. On a Campaign, you can, however, make two distinct records: one for the Lead and one for the Contact. 

Campaign Restrictions 

  • The "Marketing User" box on the User record must be checked in order to create, update, or delete a Campaign. 
  • There is a limit of 250 leads/contact which can be added from a view and a 50000 lead/contact limit per import file. 


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