Build a Salesforce Lead Machine Easily

“There is a difference between — waiting for something good to happen and going all out to make it happen”.

One of the biggest aspects of success in a business can be fully attributed to a thoughtful marketing strategy and the generation of new sales lead constantly. The reason why many businesses suffer these days is either because of the poor economy or problems of lead generation.

lead generation

So, important are leads for a business to prosper. But what are leads?

The answer is very simple — a person or a group or a company that has shown a certain interest in the services or products of your company. Basically, it is your target or potential customer. Therefore, generating valuable leads is as important as keeping a tab of your company’s P&L or product quality. In a nutshell, it is a modern-day customer relationship.

How Do You Generate Leads?

With the advent of technology and its advancement in recent years, leads now can be generated based on specific information, criteria, and target market. Today, businesses gather information about potential clients or customers, and then device ways, means and strategies to approach these leads and convert them into customers.

Generate Leads

All of these mainly happens over the digital platform, by using inbound strategies and techniques of marketing. In today’s time,buyers are no more dependent on traditional sales mediums and gather as much information as possible on a particular product or service on their own and mainly over the internet and this is where companies are doing all their bit to gather information of such buyers and approach them as sales leads.

The Salesforce Technology And Lead Machine

Best known for Salesforce CRM (Customer Relationship Management) product, is a cloud computing and social enterprise software service provider.

Lead Machine, on the other hand, is a system that has been designed, in order to possess all the features and the powers that can be expected from a `top-class CRM system. The best part with Lead Machine is that it is aided with a highly advanced automated engine that allows businesses to avoid any manual tasks and allows to concentrate on the marketing processes and sales.

Lead Machine

Managing incoming leads in an organized and strategical way is one area Salesforce exhales. In order to increase revenue by improving the conversion rates, businesses can develop their own lead machines with the use of the tools that are available with offshore Salesforce development also. Here’s how:

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1. Build A Process For Lead Generation

It all starts with handling the incoming leads. Note them down with the common consensus of the team with the following aspects in mind:

incoming leads
  • The targeted market
  • What defines a qualified lead
  • Ways to follow up on the leads
  • The right time to convert these leads into real business
  • Even it is a small sales team, make sure that all are on the same page and have a written plan for any references required.

2. Make Use of the Web Lead Form

It needs some simple set-up in Salesforce at the Web-to-Lead area and ensures that no lead slips out lost. Make sure that all lead inquiries are captured through forms on the Salesforce landing page or ‘contact us’ section. If you have any query in using it, you can take assistance from Salesforce Support India.

Web Lead Form

How you do it?

  • Generate an HTML code just at the click of a button.
  • Make it presentable with the aid of your company’s web designer.
  • Check that it is 100% working by inputting a dummy sales lead.

3. Make Use of Salesforce Lead Automation

If you have not been using, make sure you use the numerous advance tools of Salesforce for organizing and processing all incoming leads like lead Queue, even with a small sales team or offshore Salesforce development. Feed in the maximum information possible of a lead with hidden form fields. Get some e-mail templates ready for tailored auto responses to potential leads.

Salesforce Lead Automation

These values could be of utmost importance in initiating and running automated actions, once the leads get to the Salesforce. How you do it?

  • Start with setting up a lead Queue, then assigning rules to it and initiate auto-response emails.
  • Add as much information as possible and make use of the hidden fields and features.

4. Ensure to Track Every Lead Source

Perhaps it might require a separate app from a web development service, but it is worth knowing from where the leads generate, especially if you have spent on Google AdWords or any other medium.

Lead Source

As you might be interested in knowing which one produces results for your business and which don’t, look in details of the following:

  • The sources of best lead generated.
  • Helps you determine the ones that are simply a waste of money.
  • Which all keywords are the best in finding your business?
  • Are there any other unexpected or unknown source that is helping in providing leads like social media, blogs and partner apps?

5. Set Dashboards

Once you have done all — lead generation through web-to-lead, are tracked, auto response been out and tracked, you now need to know your lead totals and trends. Dashboards in here will aid you with easy data visualization, recognize if there are any problems and read the success ratio.

data visualization

Having one or more than one dashboard can be more beneficial in the total process — visualize, recognize and read. This also helps you in quickly understand how have been your efforts in lead generation shaping up.

If you have the Enterprise Edition of Salesforce, you have the opportunity to even schedule your dashboard to send information and valuable data to you and the team members via e-mail on a daily or weekly basis- however, you choose. This feature enables you with an added insight into your newly created Salesforce Lead Machine.

This is a valuable feature of the entire system as it helps you and the team to get to know the lead machine status, as it might be a bit cumbersome at times for all to check their emails every morning. Mobile website development services being the best help to achieve such a lead successfully.

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6. Set Up an Email Program

The type of e-mail marketing program depends on your target market and the sales cycle, do consider putting up one to flourish your new lead that is generated. Whether you need one or not will depend on your conversion period, but one in place is always handy in case.

There are numerous tools available for email newsletters and other mail campaigns and the best of all are the Mass Email Leads and Contact features of Salesforce.

Email Program

There are numerous other factors that can be explored like the chat systems, integrated data from the web, lead scoring, chat systems and more, these steps as mentioned above will certainly help you get relieved from the lead management chaos and helps convert leads into business.

A lead generation is a vital tool in growing in business and climb the success ladder. It is a successful combination or art, science, and perseverance. The art to generate and nurture the generated leads, science in powering automated lead management tools and a lot of perseverance going all along the way.

Customer acquisition is totally different from what it used to be a decade back. Buyers nowadays are more knowledgeable, and they value the brand they use and wants you to answer and respond to all their queries and needs. However, Salesforce supports India can assist you much better to grab all about this


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