4 Features That Make Salesforce Pardot Great for B2B Marketing

B2B marketing needs the right measurements to scale the marketing processes for better results. You can only take it to a small scale if you handle it manually. You need to go for a reliable marketing solution for a better lead generation campaign that involves multiple touchpoints. In this case, businesses need a marketing solution to handle the processes automatically, and the option of Salesforce Pardot B2B Marketing fits right here.

Pardot has gained its reputation as an efficient lead generation and nurturing system. It is a Salesforce product (part of the Marketing Cloud) Pardot allows businesses to easily measure the effectiveness of communications. It also helps gain insight into user behavior for a better marketing strategy by personalizing content across campaigns. You’ve heard the axiom, Right Place, Right Time. Choosing the right Salesforce consultant can help you ensure you’re communicating with the right person at the right time, following the right tone.

As you’ll take a stroll down, you’ll find many more reasons that will make you pick Salesforce Pardot for the marketing of your B2B business.

1. In-depth Prospect Tracking

Pardot has a powerful feature to track website readers even before they become registered prospects or customers. Pardot also offers social media, webinars, Google AdWords, and other tracking features. It also helps the user to learn about prospects by using the progressive profiling method. This measure helps to avoid bombarding readers with huge lists of questions. All of this offers incredible insights into prospects’ interests and needs. And none of these features can be possible while using a Weber, MailChimp, or Upmail.

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2. Lead Nurturing

It is a fact that nurtured leads far outspend non-nurtured leads, and businesses have already started accepting that. Pardot helps representatives to plan lead nurturing and tracks all stages of the pipeline. Pardot comes with numerous templates for designing landing pages, emails, and forms. You can customize these templates according to the needs of your unique customer base.

3. Data Analytics to Track Progress

Salesforce Pardot provides each person on your team with customized dashboards according to their work so they can track their progress on a granular level. And that’s not all! The success of a B2B sale often depends on whether the customer is ready to accept what you are selling. That is why Pardot allows maintaining a dashboard that helps representatives to track the adoption rate of your product or service.

4. Email Automation

With Email Builder in Pardot, you can make the most of the templates available that could help in building a winning email content based on your target audience. You can also personalize your email message like, adding in your business contact address with the help of Variable Tags. Pardot also uses these Variable Tags in the test emails so that your users can also see what your prospects see.

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Pump Up Your Marketing Efforts with Pardot

Pardot B2B marketing analytics allows tracking the performance of the marketing collaterals, thus making the life of a marketer easier. With the reporting capabilities and scalable customization options, Salesforce Pardot becomes a potent tool to improve your marketing return on investment. Contact our team of expert Pardot consultants and talk to them about all the possibilities Pardot can add to your B2B marketing efforts.


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