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Salesforce has been around for a while, but in recent years we’re seeing a boom in its popularity. Why is that the case? The answer is simple - it’s all about business communication and relationships. Salesforce is a powerful and versatile platform that allows for multi-level configuration and user customization. With a choice of classic and shield platform encryption, Salesforce is your go-to choice for managing sensitive data, providing security on all levels.


The client is a well-established retail bank in the Netherlands, also providing services for Belgium, operating on a broad scale and offering banking products and services to local and international corporations, as well as individual customers. Since 2015, the client started the migration process of all business data and processes onto the Salesforce platform.

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Symphony Solutions was hired to modernize the outdated version of the client portal, to keep up with the ever-growing demand and high industry standards. Being one of the largest commercial banks on the market, the client needed a fast and steady solution, maintaining high security and providing a full spectrum of services to the customers, while implementing new features and functionality.


Symphony Solutions opted for building a completely new portal from the ground up. Here’s what they did: 

  • Designed a highly configurable portal that’s easy to maintain from an Admin perspective.
  • Lightning Aura, and Web components were used to implement UI in Salesforce сreating custom theme and content layouts for easy navigation and enhanced functionality.
  • Single Sign-on configurations for 3rd-parties via Onegini Identity Provider.
  • Implemented High Assurance functionality and features, that require multi-factor authentication, enabling the user to perform high-security financial transactions.

Salesforce made it easy to integrate a third party for providing secure account data storage. Being an Agile company, Symphony Solutions managed to simultaneously conduct different stages of the development process, maintaining good cooperation without different teams and bringing the project to completion in a timely manner. 

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We developed a detailed scalable backend architecture powered by Salesforce with highly secure data storage as well as a dynamic and attractive user portal.  

Shifting all of the business processes to Salesforce made it technically easier for the client to manage the service system and increase data storage security. The new portal is designed to satisfy demanding requirements, stemming from the complex nature of a retail bank business model, all the while prioritizing outstanding customer relationships. 

The newly developed client portal greatly improves user experience, enabling bank customers to use the full variety of services without having to go to the bank. The interactive interface and visual data presentation improve customer engagement and simplify decision-making. Customers are encouraged to use more bank services as they’re easy to access and readily available. 

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