Top Salesforce Bloggers 2022

Top Salesforce Bloggers 2022

As we look forward to 2023, we can’t stop but pause for a second! 2022 has been our year in numerous ways. You have made us an 11k-strong community of Salesforce enthusiasts – a one-stop solution for all your Salesforce learning needs. This would not have been possible without your incredible support!

We are extremely grateful for the contributions of bloggers who share their knowledge and insights on our platform. Their expertise and insights help to inform and educate our readers about various features and capabilities of Salesforce, and how it can be used to improve business processes and drive success.

Bloggers play a crucial role in the Salesforce community, providing valuable information and resources to help users get the most out of the platform. Whether they are sharing their own experiences and best practices, highlighting new features and functionality, or offering tips and tricks for working with Salesforce, they are an invaluable source of knowledge and inspiration.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of the bloggers who have contributed to our website and to the broader Salesforce community. Your dedication and passion for the platform are greatly appreciated, and we look forward to continuing to learn from your insights and experiences. Thank you for all that you do to support and advance our vision!

  • #1 - Apphienz Inc

    Apphienz has immensely contributed to the Forcetalks community. They are a constant source of motivation and learning for our community of developers, architects, admins, and more. We proudly say that Appheinz has written over 150 blogs on our platform on diverse topics in sales, services, and marketing arena.

    Apphienz provides consultation services for Salesforce and Overall, more than 100 companies and nonprofit organizations have received consultations from Appheinz. They provide unique transformational business and technology services specifically in the sales, services, and marketing ecosystem. Also, they specialize in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Salesforce CPQ, NPSP and Nonprofit Cloud.

    Check out some of Apphienz's Content:

  • #2 - 360 Degree Cloud Technology

    The second top blogger on our list is 360 Degree Cloud Salesforce. They discuss best practices for implementing and using Salesforce, highlight new features and functionality, or provide tips and tricks for optimizing the platform to meet specific business needs. In addition to providing valuable information and resources for Salesforce users, 360 Degree have established themselves as thought leaders in our community.

    360 Degree provides expert guidance and assistance for cutting-edge Salesforce solutions and remodeling, custom-built CRM implementations, web & app development, Pardot, and others based on your unique business functions. Also, they are experts in delivering one-of-a-kind, Salesforce-native solutions over AppExchange for bulk operations in- SMS Marketing (360 SMS App), Email Verification (360 Verify the Mail), Record Merges & Deduplication (360 Merge App), as well as Managed Closure Handling & Data Compliance (360 OptIn/OptOut App).

    Check out some of 360 Degree Cloud Technology's Content:

  • #3 - Melonleaf Consulting

    As experts in implementation consulting and salesforce design, their blogs are around accelerating revenue growth by optimizing the available resources. Their blogs help set up and configure Salesforce instances to meet specific business needs, develop custom solutions and features to extend the capabilities of the Salesforce platform, provide training and support, or provide ongoing support to ensure that the Salesforce instance continues to operate smoothly and efficiently.

    Melonleaf Consulting hold industry expertise in Healthcare, Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI), Education, and Manufacturing. They provide excellent solutions in the sales cloud, service cloud, platform, community, social & marketing cloud arena. They have strong technical expertise in Apex and Lightning Development.

    Check out some of Melonleaf’s Content:

  • #4 - SP Tech

    SP Tech consulting is a pioneer that helps businesses develop and maintain sustainable digital ecosystems. They write about strategy, design, development, and maintenance in Salesforce solutions to effectively navigate the constantly evolving digital landscape. These components must work together seamlessly in order to deliver better customer experiences.

    SP Tech Consulting is a Salesforce Success Partner that helps businesses understand and leverage their data to drive disruptive and exponential growth. As a Salesforce Success Partner, SP Tech Consulting has deep expertise in the Salesforce platform and a proven track record of helping businesses achieve success with the platform. SP Tech Consulting is a valuable partner for businesses looking to understand and leverage their data to drive growth with the Salesforce platform.

    Check out some of SP Tech’s Content:

  • #5 - SkyPlanner Salesforce Consulting Partner

    As a full-service consulting firm, Skyplanner offers a wide range of expertise. They write blogs to help businesses successfully implement and use Salesforce to drive business success. They help with implementation, customization, maintenance capabilities to drive revenue and growth. They guide with the current best practices, as well as implement business-tailored solutions to optimize your Salesforce experience.

    Skyplanner is a full-service Salesforce Consulting & AppExchange Partner that specializes in helping businesses get the most out of the Salesforce platform. They are among one of the most recommended IT services companies in all of Miami. Follow them for great guidance that is just a click away.

    Check out some of Skyplanner’s content:

  • #6 - DemandBlue Inc

    DemandBlue is a company that specializes in helping businesses transform their digital operations through the use of customized on demand services. The blogs provide insights into tailored solutions for its clients. They do not prescribe one-size-fits-all solution, instead provide unique plans to help them achieve their desired outcomes.

    One of the key areas where DemandBlu excels is in helping companies modernize their technology platforms and processes. Using a combination of cutting-edge technologies and proven methodologies, DemandBlu helps clients to streamline and automate their operations, enabling them to become more efficient and effective. In addition to its technical expertise, DemandBlu is also known for its strong customer service and support. The company's team of experienced professionals is dedicated to helping clients every step of the way, from initial consultation to implementation and beyond.

    Check out some of DemandBlue’s content:

  • #7 - Twistellar Group

    Twistellar provides top-quality Salesforce solutions development services to solve complex business issues and boost sales. They have written numerous blogs on all major and rare Salesforce domains: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Pardot, Experience Cloud, IoT Cloud, CPQ, Platform, integrations with third-party software.

    Twistellar is a Salesforce Consulting Partner and AI Solutions Provider, helping businesses of all sizes to transform their operations and drive growth through the use of innovative technology. By leveraging the power of AI, Twistellar helps clients to gain valuable insights, improve efficiency, and drive growth.

    Check out some of Twistellar’s content:

  • #8 - Mohit Kumar

    Mohit is one of the most influential bloggers on our list. He has established a niche audience on our website. We are grateful for his contributions in lightning concepts, Apex concepts, and many more. Tune in to read the best blogs on these topics. He is a passionate blogger and developer, and helps out his peers in his free time. His devotion to the platform and to Salesforce in general is a matter of pride for us!

    Check out some of Mohit’s content:

  • #9 - Bhawana Sharma

    Bhawana is a highly versatile Salesforce blogger who holds immense expertise in various domains of Salesforce. An enthusiastic Forcetalker who is great at articulating and sharing her learnings, Bhawana is an inspiration for fellow trailblazers. She writes on various Salesforce clouds, concepts of Apex, screen flows, etc. She is blazing all trails and helping others achieve the same. We are proud to have her in our community!

    Check out some of Bhawana’s content:

  • #10 - Alok Khandelwal

    Alok is a motivated Forcetalks blogger who works with a reputed firm. He writes about Salesforce integration, marketing products, administration, and a lot more. He is an active member of the community since he joined us. He enlightens us with the most thought-provoking blogs and information out there. A flag-bearer of optimism, he takes does not shy away from challenges in professional or personal life. We salute your optimism!

    Check out some of Alok’s content:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all! Let’s take Forcetalks to greater heights.

The top 10 bloggers are authorized to use these Badges of Honor on their Websites, Emails, Blog, or Social Media. Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous New Year!

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