Salesforce Field Service Lightning Mobile Extension Toolkit (Beta)

For any field service organization to be successful, it is important to give ample attention to the management. Managing the field forces and service technicians can be one of the most challenging operational tasks. But thankfully, Salesforce Field Service can make it all easier. Whether it is about managing the entire mobile workforce, tracking job status and labour hours, or managing transactions, Field Service can make it all possible and now in a better way with Field Service Lightning Mobile Extension Toolkit, which is in beta version as of now.

To make the management easier, Salesforce came up with Salesforce Field Service Lightning mobile app. This mobile extension for FSL is the one-stop solution to add advancement and additional functionality to make on-site job management easier and efficiently manage your mobile workforce.

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With Winter 21 release, Salesforce provided ease to developers to create their own HTML-based mobile extensions for native FSL App. The feature of FSL Mobile Extention is currently in the pilot. We can expect some more changes and updates from Salesforce until it goes functional.

Why Do We Need Field Service Lightning Mobile Extension Toolkit

While working with any Salesforce mobile app, you need to consider several limitations and considerations that come along to design a use case. FSL provides its end-users with a wide variety of choices of types of actions to be performed. These features are built natively on Salesforce via flows or standard quick actions.

But currently, FSL comes with a limitation. Currently, you cannot build a fully customizable flow that runs aura components or a lightning web component in the background. So, you need to consider using FSL Mobile Extension Toolkit to use your custom screens with fully customizable user interface flows

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Limitations of Field Service Lightning Mobile Extension Toolkit

FSL Mobile Extension Toolkit has some of the following limitations.

  • There is no native testing or debugging mechanism currently. Desktop testing is not supported. You can also perform debugging with Mobile extension WebView.
  • It doesn’t have any support for native lightning data service and lightning elements. You can only use pre-defined FSL methods.
  • There is no support to call native apex methods. It can only be done if apex methods are exposed as rest service in the apex rest resource.


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