Top Salesforce Bloggers 2021

Top Salesforce Bloggers 2021

The year 2021 has been a phenomenal journey for Forcetalks. It was a year full of incredible numbers not only in terms of Blogs, Videos, Infographics but also in terms of bloggers, developers, admins, architects, marketers, consultants, and top companies. The Salesforce community at Forcetalks has grown tremendously while keeping pace with all the trailblazers who love to share their knowledge and expertise and believe in giving back to the community.

The Salesforce bloggers at Forcetalks have made this platform one of the most important resources to take a sneak peek into the Salesforce ecosystem. It not just helps people in learning and growing but also inspires them to share and help other trailblazers. With every answer they give and every blog they write, they are helping and motivating thousands of people in learning, understanding, developing new skills, getting creative with their thoughts, growing, and getting inspired.

The year 2021 saw an unprecedented participation rate by experienced and well-qualified Salesforce professionals in pitching their ideas through blogs while sharing their knowledge with the whole world. We raised the bar in the Salesforce ecosystem by completing 3000+ Salesforce Articles on the platform which includes 1800+ Salesforce Blogs, which renders Forcetalks the status of a living Encyclopedia for all the Salesforce lovers around the globe. Forcetalks also launched its Android App and iOS App available for all the Salesforce trailblazers out there making it all the way easier to delve into this huge collection of Salesforce blogs anytime, anywhere.

We want to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate all the Salesforce bloggers and experts at Forcetalks who made this community a plausible resource-sharing hub for all the knowledge seekers. Let us take a look into this year’s influencers on Forcetalks - The Top Salesforce Bloggers from our Forcetalks Family 2021.

  • #1 - Apphienz Inc

    Apphienz has shown remarkable participation in the Forcetalks community this year. They, as a team of dynamic co-workers, have been a true source of inspiration for all the developers, architects, admins who follow them and learn plenty of insights from their blogs as they love talking about all the Salesforce happenings around the globe which makes them stand tall as the trendiest member of the Forcetalks family. They have been able to spread awareness especially about the non-profit organizations and how are they benefitting from this Salesforce generation.

    Apphienz is an authorized Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner that has helped over 100 corporations and nonprofit organizations and provides transformational business and technology services that are customized to become a unique solution for your company specifically in the domain of sales, services, and marketing ecosystem. They specialize in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Salesforce CPQ, and Nonprofit Cloud.

    Check out some of Apphienz's Content:

  • #2 - DemandBlue Inc

    DemandBlue has stood incessantly as one of the top contributors at Forcetalks with strings of exquisite content to offer. They have been relentlessly lending their service to the Forcetalks family for years now and continue inspiring all the trailblazers to learn, write and grow. Being the most dedicated member of the community, Demandblue has always stood as the flagbearer for disseminating knowledge about all the important aspects of Salesforce. This year they have also shared some of their success stories with us all which helps in understanding how have they been able to assist the organizations.

    DemandBlue is in the business of helping its customers maximize their Salesforce investment through predictable outcomes. They have pioneered “Service-as-a-Service” through a value-based On-Demand Service model that drives bottom-line results. Their On-Demand Services for Salesforce include Advisory, Development & Customisation, Integration, Administration & Support, Maintenance, and Lightning Migrations.

    Check out some of DemandBlue's Content:

  • #3 - SP Tech

    SP Tech is a Salesforce Success Partner that has been contributing to Forcetalks for over a long time now with blogs that are tenable for the Salesforce trailblazers. With their knowledge and experience, they have been guiding us all on a few of the very important topics besides helping businesses develop and foray into the new paradigm of sustainable digital ecosystems since 2015. They have always been wary of one fact since the very beginning, that how to make a lasting impact through your work and that has remained their moniker of success ever since.

    SP Tech has its presence in The US and India. Their services range from managing their customers to understanding and leveraging their data to deliver disruptive and exponential growth to their businesses. Our data-driven and innovative approaches aided with their sharp Salesforce acumen make them your best bet to win at Salesforce.

    Check out some of SP Tech's Content:

  • #4 - 360 Degree Cloud Technology

    360 Degree Cloud is a globally trusted B2B technology partner who has been a star member of Forcetalks with an extremely zealous pursuit of sharing their Salesforce expertise and helping people in their complex Salesforce Integrations and implementations. Their go-to guides are one of the most useful resources on the platform that gives access to trailblazers to learn and understand how to resolve the complicated issues they might face. The certified developers of their team believe in paying deft attention to CX empathy to bring out game-changing transformations & user adoption.

    360 Degree Cloud primarily specializes in digital transformations through customized Salesforce CRM & NetSuite ERP implementations and AppExchange App Development. They have also emerged as a Salesforce Silver Consulting & ISV Crest Technology Partner and serve millions over the world. They’ve embellished themselves as a source of robust quality and quick turnarounds at practical pricing across verticals, niches, and business scales.

    Check out some of 360 Degree Cloud Technology's Content:

  • #5 - Sweta Dey

    Sweta is a highly versatile Salesforce blogger who holds immense expertise in almost all the areas of Salesforce. She has been one of the most enthusiastic and consistent Forcetalker who loves to articulate her thoughts and spread her insights with the community and helps a lot of trailblazers in learning the concepts of Lightning, Marketing Cloud, Experience Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Service Cloud and a lot more. She is climbing her way up the Salesforce ladder fast and furious and in the process she also makes sure, no one is left behind.

    Check out some of Sweta's Content:

  • #6 - SkyPlanner

    Being touted as the one-stop-shop for everything Salesforce, SkyPlanner ensures that everyone tries their hand on all the Salesforce knowledge. They have been able to make a strong impact in the ohana by sharing their expertise with the community members not only via blogs but also through their tutorial videos. They have been supporting the trailblazers out there tremendously by sharing the training guides and resources continuously. If you are a Salesforce enthusiast then Skyplanner is always here to assist you in the best way possible.

    SkyPlanner is a 5-Star rated, full-service Salesforce Consulting & AppExchange Partner that specializes in helping businesses across the Americas, get the most out of their Salesforce experience. They shall guide you as to what the current best practices are, as well as implement business-tailored solutions.

    Check out some of SkyPlanner's Content:

  • #7 - Aditya

    Aditya is a solution-oriented professional and a highly acclaimed Salesforce Blogger with Salesforce certifications badged with the titles, “Platform Developer” and “Salesforce Administrator”, with majorly contributing to his forte in Salesforce development and integration. He loves to guide the new developers on how to crack the Salesforce Certifications and also helps them in getting the Trailhead Superbadges. He is a very skillful developer who has been sharing his knowledge with the community on topics that helps the developers and admins to become a pro in Salesforce.

    Check out some of Aditya's Content:

  • #8 - Shweta

    Shweta is an extremely assiduous certified Salesforce developer who currently works with a reputed firm and has good experience in complex Salesforce implementations. She has expertise in the areas of Salesforce Lightning, Apex, Integrations, successful implementations, and a lot more. She is one of the very few sincere members of Forcetalks who not only shares her Salesforce knowledge with us but also helps a lot of developers in their critical issues by participating in Salesforce Forums. She has been a part of more than 1200 Salesforce Discussions on Forcetalks.

    Check out some Shweta's Content:

  • #9 - Ratnesh

    Ratnesh is a passionate and dedicated certified Salesforce Developer, having a vast pool of skillsets pertaining to Salesforce under his belt, good experience in a variety of Salesforce fields and he is also highly courteous in loves sharing his knowledge and understandings on the topics like Salesforce Apex, Security, Cloud Platforms. He has been sharing his tutorial guides on Forcetalks for more than 2 years now which guides you on all the complex and challenging Salesforce cases you might face. He’s a very inspiring developer who has motivated a number of people to write and give back to ohana. With his ability and education, he’ll be touching new heights in the coming days.

    Check out some of Ratnesh's Content:

  • #10 - DB Services

    DB Services is a certified Salesforce partner that has been offering its invaluable bid of support to Forcetalks for a long time now and has turned into one of the hotshot members of the community. They believe in giving back to the ohana by helping the developers and admins via their tutorial guides. They have been guiding people on how to get their Salesforce implementations smooth and easier and provide you with every bit of information you would require. If you are someone who is facing troubles in the implementations, their blogs will always have a solution for you.

    DB Services is dedicated to making your business thrive alongside keeping astride with the efficiency of business offerings through digital transformations when offering superior service and exceptional expertise. They are a Certified Salesforce Consultant and their team holds certifications for Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud; additionally, they hold certifications as Salesforce Developers and Admins.

    Check out some of DB Services's Content:

Our team at Forcetalks would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your worthy contribution and wish that you continue to give back to the community and inspire all the members to learn, grow and make a great impact in this Salesforce® ecosystem at Foretalks. It is a Salesforce® Community Of You, For You, By You.

The winners are authorized to use these Badges of Honor on their Websites, Emails, Blog or Social Media. It's 2022 and we wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year!

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