Top Salesforce Bloggers 2020

Top Salesforce Bloggers 2020

The year 2020 has truly been a challenging year for everyone. People from all over the world have seen disruptions in their personal as well as professional lives. But the most important thing is that, despite it all, we have tried to stay positive and once again after a strict lockdown everyone is back in their lives and ready to adapt to this new normal.

Companies like Salesforce helped people in every way possible to continue their lives and work from anywhere, nothing, not even a pandemic, stopped Salesforce lovers from keeping themselves away from the most amazing Salesforce community - Forcetalks.

We are thrilled to see the excitement and love people have shown to the Forcetalks community this year. We have some incredible additions in the community, in terms of new members, consultants, blogs, videos, and Salesforce updates. The tremendous contributions of last year’s top bloggers have inspired Forcetalkers in an incredible way and today we have almost double the number of blogs we had last year in the community.

Congratulations to all of us once again as we have published 1200+ blogs! These Salesforce experts have contributed a lot and helped us all with resourceful information around Salesforce anyone can peruse and gain from. Let us take a look into this year’s influencers on Forcetalks - The Top Salesforce Bloggers from our Forcetalks Family 2020.

  • #1 - DemandBlue Inc

    DemandBlue has always been one of the top contributors on Forcetalks with a lot of unique content inspired by the latest trends in the market, which helps gather maximum views on Forcetalks. DemandBlue has exhibited finesse with flair in the content they contribute.
    DemandBlue is a registered Salesforce Partner Firm, having its headquarters in Greater Los Angeles, Western US. Demand Blue empowers advancement through on-request execution and persistent commitment which gives clients speed, worth and accomplishment to satisfy their present and future business targets. Their fundamental center is to enable its clients to amplify their Salesforce profit through prescient analysis.

    Check out some of Demandblue's Content:

  • #2 - Algoworks

    Algoworks, is a globally renowned Salesforce services provider and tops the Forcetalks’ list of Top Salesforce Consultants from a long time now. The company has been the most consistent Forcetalker ever since joining the community. Contributing in blogs, forums, infographics and videos alike. Algoworks has been a dedicated member.
    Algoworks experts provide all sorts of Salesforce consulting, development, customization, integration & migration services. Having operated globally for over a decade now, their certified Salesforce Consultants have a repute of providing exceptional Salesforce Consulting services. Algoworks is a Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner.

    Check out some of Algoworks' Content:

  • #3 - Mohit

    Mohit is a bubbling Salesforce talent who has grown on a decent pace to learn and discover the different aspects of Salesforce Development. He has been contributing to Forcetalks for almost a year now with some extremely refreshing blogs on Salesforce. He loves to guide the new developers on how to Import data, leads, person accounts in Salesforce. He has been a very motivating Forcetalker from the beginning itself.

    Check out some of Mohit's Content:

  • #4 - Anuj

    Anuj is a Salesforce Developer having his expertise in mainly the areas of Salesforce Lightning. He has been consistent in sharing his knowledge with the Forcetalkers and helped a lot of new developers in learning the concepts of Lightning web components. He is a Developer climbing his way up the Salesforce ladder fast and furious! Anuj has been successful in leaving his mark in the community with his useful and informative blogs.

    Check out some of Anuj's Content:

  • #5 - Anjali

    Anjali is a passionate, certified Salesforce Developer, having an experience of more than 2 years in a variety of Salesforce fields and loves to talk about Sales Process & lead conversions in Salesforce. With her blogs, she shared her insights on various Salesforce topics like Salesforce Lightning, Case Management, Process Builder, and attracted many users to read and learn. She's a very inspiring developer and adamant to achieve her objective which is displayed in her blogs.

    Check out some of Anjali's Content:

  • #6 - Pooja

    Pooja is a very talented Salesforce Developer having her expertise in the areas of Sales cloud, Service Cloud, CPQ, Lightning and Salesforce integration. She has been a very active Forcetalker who likes to help people who face any kind of issues in Salesforce development by being a part of more than 900 Salesforce discussions on Forcetalks. Pooja is climbing the Salesforce ladder at a decent pace, leaving her mark behind. An innovative professional and Salesforce blogger with the ambition and urge for serving the organization in best possible ways.

    Check out some of Pooja's Content:

  • #7 - Aditya

    Aditya is a solution-oriented professional and an accomplished Salesforce Blogger with Salesforce certifications “Platform Developer” and “Salesforce Administrator”, having his expertise in the Salesforce development and integration. He loves to guide the new developers on how to crack the Salesforce Certifications and also helps them in getting the Trailhead Superbadges. He is a very skilful developer who has been sharing his knowledge with the community on topics which helps developers and admins to become a pro in Salesforce.

    Check out some of Aditya's Content:

  • #8 - Marziya

    Marziya is a skilful Salesforce Developer who has a good experience in a lot of different fields in Salesforce like Platform API, Streaming API, Salesforce security, Picklist Values, Apex, Lightning, Salesforce Integration and many more. She has been contributing to Forcetalks from a long time and also helped developers in learning new skills. With her knowledge and learnings she has been inspiring us all.

    Check out some Marziya’s Content:

  • #9 - Shweta

    Shweta is an extremely talented certified Salesforce developer who is working with a reputed firm and has a good experience in complex Salesforce implementations. She has expertise in different phases of SFDC including Visualforce, Lightning, Service Cloud, IoT Cloud and Pardot. She is one of the most active Forcetalker who not only shares her Salesforce knowledge with us but also helps a lot of developers in their critical issues by participating in Salesforce Forums. She has been a part of more than 1200 Salesforce Discussions on Forcetalks.

    Check out some of Shweta’s Content:

  • #10 - Ayush

    Ayush is working as a Salesforce Developer in a reputed organization and he loves to talk about Salesforce. He has been sharing his Salesforce knowledge with the world via Forcetalks for almost 2 years now and has been a very motivating Forcetalker who has influenced a lot of other developers to become a Salesforce Blogger. His USP lies in the ease with which he connects to his readers through his simple choice of words. He has guided people on some of the very important topics like Platform Events, Aggregate Functions, Junction Objects, Apex, Controllers and many more.

    Check out some of Ayush's Content:

Team Forcetalks would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your worthy contribution and wish that you maintain your position every year in this list by your continuous efforts as Forcetalks is a Salesforce Community Of You, For You, By You. Cheers to you all!

The winners are authorized to use these Badges of Honor on their Website, Emails, Blog or Social Media. It's 2021 and wishes you all a happy and prosperous New Year!

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