Data Quality Analysis

Data Quality Analysis Dashboard App in Salesforce

As you all know about the importance of Data Integration in Salesforce, we should understand that before Data integration, Data Quality analysis and management are essential aspects for completing your business objectives effectively and productively.

Here in this article, we'll discuss more Data Quality analysis & management in better ways.

What is Data Analysis in Salesforce?

Measuring different aspects of any data or records like accuracy, consistency, updates, completeness, etc., comes in Data Quality Analysis. As data management is linked with business productivity, it is necessary for assessing and identifying errors in an enterprise's data, whether it is beneficial or purposeful to accomplish business goals or not.

Benefits of Data Analysis in Salesforce:

Effects of Bad Data Quality:

Inaccurate Analysis: While analyzing records, you must create accurate reports for proficient business because if not, you are risking your campaigns or projects by analyzing inaccurate data.

Minimized Revenue generation: If your business' products and updates don't reach your customers because of inarticulation, it'll be difficult to convert them into the lead and thus will minimize business revenue.

Flawed Reputation: Because of missing information of clients, you will not be able to complete their goals. And which will show your inefficiency to customers and prospects, resulting in damaged reputations.

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Data Quality Analysis in Salesforce:

To analyze your Data Quality, follow these given steps:

1) Define your business objectives based on customer data usage across your organization in different departments.

2) Review data quality, whether it is accurate or records are missing in your collection of data. Collect all the data on a unified platform, and Salesforce is the best CRM for solving this issue. 

3) After reviewing, keep a record of all the required details that need to get involved for using that data across different departments.

4) Salesforce offers Data Quality Analysis Dashboard App for reviewing your data, and with just one click, you can obtain accurate reports for your data management.

Data Quality Analysis Dashboard App by Salesforce AppExchange:

Data Quality Analysis Dashboard App is a product of Salesforce AppExchange in Salesforce Labs that allows Salesforce professionals and others to utilize this tool for measuring their inputs on records and adoption rate effectively. These Salesforce labs apps are community projects and free to use efficiently.

Features of Data Quality Analysis Dashboard:

  • Experience optimized Lightning Experience
  • Compatibility with Salesforce Editions
  • Better Reliability and Performance
  • Modified Formulas on Data Quality Fields 
  • Data Quality Tracking 

Initiate your Data Quality Analysis Dashboard App:

Utilize your data analysis dashboard, by accessing this guide of installation -

Get access into:

  • High-Level Data Quality Analysis Dashboard
  • Account, Contact & Opportunity Data Quality Dashboard

How to Improve Data Quality?

After analyzing, you need to devise a data management plan and implement it best way possible for improving your Data Quality with Salesforce.

Salesforce delivers different functionalities such as tools, rules, techniques, etc., for efficiently managing your customer data. 

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Let's know more about them here:

Define Fields: First, you need to define what fields are required based on your business objectives. Also, define the purpose of data across all departments in your organization. Keep monitoring all the leads and update the records continuously.

Reports & Analytics: Leverage the power of Salesforce's Data Quality Analysis Dashboard App to obtain reports regarding leads or any project.

Standardized Automation: Utilize validation rules, workflow rules, and process builders for updating fields with a defined format to monitor and manage leads and prospects.

Assign Field Types: Based on the format your enterprise wants to collect the customer data, assign field types on the custom field to get a clear picture for fulfilling your business goals.

Eliminate Duplicated Records: To eliminate errors and confusion because of duplicate records, delete or remove these records with in-built duplicate management tools offered by Salesforce.

Why Melonleaf?

By leveraging the expertise of Melonleaf in providing Salesforce Solutions & Services, implement a Data Quality Analysis Dashboard App offered as AppExchange product from Salesforce for managing your organization's data quality. Improving data quality will result in enhanced customer satisfaction and maximized efficiency and productivity of your business.


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