Use Salesforce Communities like Never Before | Salesforce Community Cloud

Use Salesforce Communities like Never Before | Salesforce Community Cloud

In today's business landscape, maintaining strong customer relationships is crucial yet challenging. Traditional methods often struggle to keep customers updated while maintaining confidentiality. Salesforce Community Cloud offers a solution, providing a secure platform for collaboration with clients, partners, and employees. This introduction highlights the transformative role of Community Cloud in enhancing customer engagement and driving business growth. 

Community Cloud Features 

Build your Community 

  1. Business Integration

Business Integration Infuse communities with data from any system, anywhere. Customers can create and escalate support cases. Partners can update opportunities and qualify leads. Employees can access and share files. 

  1. Personalisation

Community Cloud automatically suggests connections to experts, groups, and content. Recommendations are based on individual interests, needs, and behavior, inviting deeper community participation. 

  1. Customisation and Branding

Customise Community Cloud to reflect your brand and extend your online community experience. Create stunning, simple-to-use environments that are an interactive extension of your brand. 

  1. Mobile

Collaborate anywhere, from any device. Access the community through the Salesforce Mobile App or from any mobile browser. Deliver a rich, branded, and device-responsive mobile experience anywhere. 

Connect your Customers 

Provide stellar service with powerful community software that lets you create rich, self-service experiences. 

  1. Knowledge

Help your customers help themselves and help your agents work smarter, with easy access to articles, FAQ, and the collective wisdom of the community. 

  1. Case Escalation

Customers can create cases directly in the community. Cases can also be escalated automatically based on keywords, or if a question goes unanswered. Agents can answer within the community, or privately. 

  1. Engagement

The Engagement feature in Salesforce Community Cloud is quite flexible, allowing you to fit a variety of elements to foster interaction and recognition within your community. 

For example - Imagine a large company using Salesforce Community Cloud to create a "Remote Work Hub" for their employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. Engagement feature is used to foster connection, well-being, and improve productivity among remote workers. 

  1. E-commerce

Create new purchasing opportunities by integrating your e-commerce platform and enabling customers to discover, research, and buy products all in one branded, mobile, and social environment. 

  1. Community Management

Preconfigured and customisable Lightning dashboards in the community management console help you measure and analyse metrics, such as adoption and engagement, most popular groups, users, and topics. 

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Grow Partner Sales 

Accelerate your sales channels by connecting directly with resellers, distributors, and partners. 

  1. Salesforce Automation

Share contacts, leads, and records with partners. Integrate third-party systems to centralize pricing, inventory, and more. Finally, avoid channel conflict with deal registration and lead distribution. 

  1. Data Sharing

Connect partners to product experts, and adjust sharing settings so that partners access only relevant information to move opportunities through the pipe. 

  1. Actions

Take action right in the feed. Convert leads to opportunities and approve marketing funds. Design custom actions to integrate third-party apps into core business processes. 

  1. Dashboards and Reports

Track and rank partner performance, share customisable dashboards and reports with partners to ensure alignment with key goals, and easily connect data from any source with Wave Analytics. 

Introducing noKodr 

For admins, consultants, and developers, noKodr is a Salesforce app builder designed to streamline their UI customization requirements as per the lightning design system. With noKodr, you can improve UI, create complex yet intuitive forms, and much more under the Salesforce ecosystem. Built as a completely native platform, noKodr is perfect for improving efficiency and scalability for businesses, which means better time-saving and reduction in cost. 

Consolidated Profile 

Connect Business Integration and noKodr to customization 

In the fast-paced business landscape, integration of tools like noKodr is crucial. noKodr allows businesses to create customized forms, but its true potential lies in integration with other systems. Customization is key for providing a personalized customer experience, and integration enables the automation of workflows and actions based on form submissions. This ensures that enhancing efficiency and offering a tailored experience. 

For example, integrating noKodr with e-commerce platforms enables personalized product recommendations, improving the overall shopping experience and boosting conversion rates. 

Features of noKodr: 

  • Display and Save Data from Multiple Objects on the Same Screen 
  • Repeater functionality 
  • Event-driven Components 
  • UI Workflow mechanism 
  • Conditional visibility, Read-only & Disabled Components 
  • Invoke Other Screens with Parameters 
  • Client Side Data Validation 
  • Build apps from standard, custom and external objects. 
  • Drag-and-drop and point-and-click functionality 

Supercharge Your Community Cloud with noKodr's Powerful Features 

Imagine a community cloud brimming with intuitive, personalized experiences, built and customized with ease. With noKodr, this vision becomes reality. Here's how its robust features elevate your community cloud to new heights: 

Simplified Design and Customization: 

  • Streamlined UI customization: Leverage the familiar Lightning design system to tailor with  drag-and-drop and point-to-click features, ensuring user comfort and alignment with your brand identity. 
  • Seamless Data Visualization: Effortlessly display and save data from multiple objects on the same screen, providing users with a holistic view of relevant information and fostering informed decision-making. 

Enhanced Interactivity and Efficiency: 

  • Event-driven components: Create dynamic applications that respond instantly to user actions, boosting engagement and streamlining workflows. 
  • Client-side data validation: Implement real-time error checking within forms, preventing invalid submissions and saving users time. 
  • UI workflow mechanism: Design intuitive, step-by-step processes that guide users through complex tasks, improving efficiency and reducing errors. 

Empowering App Creation and Customization: 

  •  Improved UI, and intuitive forms: Design attractive and accessible interfaces, and create intuitive forms for smooth data collection. 
  • Cost-effective development: Reduce development costs and save time by building apps quickly and easily with noKodr, freeing up resources for other strategic initiatives. 

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Unleashing Community Potential: 

  • Build apps from diverse data sources: Craft applications that utilize standard, custom, and even external objects, ensuring your community has access to all the information they need. 
  • Advanced drag-and-drop functionality: Empower even non-technical users to contribute to app development through the intuitive drag-and-drop interface, fostering innovation and collaboration within your community. 

By incorporating these features, noKodr transforms your community cloud into a dynamic, user-centric platform that fosters deeper engagement, streamlines processes, and empowers your community to thrive. It's the key to unlocking the full potential of your community cloud and achieving your business goals. 

 Community Cloud with noKodr 

In conclusion, the synergy of Business Integration with Community Cloud streamlines operations, enabling efficient support management, lead qualification, and personalized experiences. Combining noKodr further enhances the platform by automating workflows, facilitating seamless data collection, and empowering customization. Embrace these technologies to unlock the full potential of your Community Cloud, ensuring heightened productivity and superior customer satisfaction in the digital era. 

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