The Role of Salesforce Einstein in Marketing, Sales, and Services

Salesforce Einstein is an Artificial Intelligence technology launched for the Salesforce Customer Success Platform. With Salesforce Artificial Intelligence, you can increase the potential of marketing, sales, and service by making customer interaction fast, smart, and predictive.
Salesforce Einstein collects all the past data, analyzes it, and creates data sets. The data sets are then tested and you get predictions of the result. Einstein checks all the cases of the past so that it can tell if a similar situation will arrive in the future. For this, the technology requires a large amount of data created within the last 6 months to be processed.

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Artificial Intelligence for Marketing

Artificial Intelligence for marketing is the way to grow your business. This is mainly for small industries and companies. Marketing has been improved with automation because of how the platform takes care of monotonous tasks and make your team handle more complex tasks. The marketing platform works behind the business to help the customer journey. Nowadays, about 80-85% of the top industries and companies are using marketing automation.

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A few of the advantages that are possible with the help of Artificial Intelligence in marketing are:

  • Customer Foresight: Every lead that has been processed does not respond positively. Artificial Intelligence helps in deciding which customer should attach themselves with the product and which should not. In this way, customers can determine the future actions of the market.
  • Centralized / Unified Data: Marketing depends on accurate and useable data. Artificial Intelligence for marketing helps the customer to analyze, organize, automate, and gather the marketing data and then store it at a single place for the use of marketing.
  • Marketer Productivity: Artificial Intelligence for marketing helps marketers to get rid of tedious tasks. By using AI, marketers can focus on important tasks.

You can witness Artificial Intelligence in the Search Engines. Relevant search helps the user to get the right data on the search page. It also helps the user to correct their misspelled words and queries. Artificial Intelligence can also be seen in email personalization, chatting with bots, digital image processing, speech reorganization/virtual assistant, etc.

Artificial Intelligence for Sales

Salesforce Sales Cloud is the world’s no. 1 sales platform. Artificial Intelligence for sales helps in setting up leads and opportunities better. Both leads and opportunities scores analyze the data and tell which opportunity and lead are most likely to convert, and also display factors behind the scores. Salesforce Einstein for sales helps to eliminate the busywork by updating contact records and logging activities. Salesforce Einstein builds the efficiency of salesmen and surveys the exercises to give proposals and knowledge to manage them the correct way.

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Artificial Intelligence for Service

Salesforce Service Cloud is another product that is offered as a SaaS platform by Salesforce. Einstein Case Routing for Service Cloud helps customers to resolve issues by triggering cases. It uses Machine Learning from past cases to predict case fields.

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