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Salesforce Engage | Propel Customer Engagement with Relevancy

Marketing without customer engagement is nothing more than an on-air commercial that nobody wants to see. Every day the competition is intensifying, and keeping customers engaged to a single brand is all the more challenging. The crystal clear mandate for Marketing and Sales is to create a personalized journey for the customer at every touchpoint. In the B2C market, it is much easier to relate to a prospect because the prospect has the same needs and expectations as we do.  But in a B2B market, you are most often wandering in unknown territory. Today, more than 78% of the B2B buyer wants the Sales reps to personalize the interaction and be aware of their pain points. To overcome this hurdle, Salesforce has come up with Salesforce Engage. It is a useful Sales and Marketing tool that delivers transparency and deep insights into the customer’s behavior and routine, anytime-anywhere.

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Salesforce Engage helps you Resonate with your Audience well

Salesforce Engage is a powerful B2B tool that assists your Sales and Marketing with precise and actionable insights. It helps your team understand what the customer wants and when. This way, with proper background information, the chances of closing a deal becomes higher and engaging the audience becomes easier. The solutions offered by Salesforce Engage consist of a variety of features that when delivered through channels like Pardot and Marketing Cloud, is an excellent combination that wins the trust of the customers.

5 brilliant features of Salesforce Engage:

Salesforce Engage comes with a wide variety of Email templates that suits the content and every business environment and provides your team with a flexible editor that transforms content into a powerful weapon. The Sales team will be able to send marketing approved, targeted emails to their leads, and contacts directly from Salesforce. They can send to both individuals or groups of contacts as well.

Engage Reports

It accumulates data from all across the internet to uncover and predict trends that help reps to familiarize themselves with the needs of their customers. Engage reports will provide your Sales team key insights into which Engage Campaigns are performing well, which content is resonating well with the leads and contacts.

Gmail and Outlook support

Salesforce Engage provides support for two of the most widely used mailer tools, Gmail and Outlook, to deliver one-to-one emails with adequate familiarity. It automatically links back with Pardot and Salesforce to carry forward the interactions.

Engage Alerts

Salesforce Engage notifies the users of every minute changes happening at the level of customer engagement. It alerts the users about prospect engagement with real-time accuracy and brilliant timing from the past four days in an intuitive fashion.

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Salesforce Mobile

Salesforce Engage delivers its world-class information gathering and customer engagement assistance right to your rep’s mobile devices to keep the user engaged and productive at all times. This feature helps your reps stay updated and react anytime, anywhere.

Salesforce Engage for Sales and Marketing productivity

Salesforce Engage is a great tool that assists your Sales reps and Marketers to channel their efforts and energy accurately on the right prospect at the right time from anywhere, at any time.

Resource: Demandblue

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