Benefits of Salesforce Commerce Cloud for eCommerce Business

To stay competitive, retailers realize the importance of incorporating multiple channels into their sales and distribution. In the past 20 years, the number of people purchasing products online has risen dramatically to the point that they are comfortable using their phones in restaurants and making impulse purchases based on a friend's recommendation.

This means that 21.8% of people shop online and are responsible for 11.9% of worldwide retail sales.

Businesses continue to expand and push their boundaries to get a piece of the revenue, which creates a highly competitive market. They choose the platform that best suits their needs. It can significantly impact how they operate, scale, agility, customer service, and even their operations. Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a top platform in all these areas.

What is Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

Commerce Cloud is more than an online shopping cart. It contains a range of features that can transform any brand's relationships with customers at all stages of its customer journey. B2B eCommerce enables seamless cross-channel transitions so that every business gets quality support on every channel.

This type of omnichannel oversight is essential for retailers to keep up with the changing buying habits and technology used to make their purchases. It allows them to control everything from customer service, community development, relationship building, and analytics.

How is Salesforce Commerce Cloud Beneficial for Your eCommerce Business?

Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform is hosted in the cloud and offers several operational benefits and business tools. These include:

  • It is a SaaS-based and fully controlled multi-tenant platform.
  • Vital native merchandising elements.
  • The page builder solutions are designed to give merchants more control over templates.
  • Einstein allows for 1:1 customizations and machine learning across a variety of areas.
  • You can manage multiple products, inventory, orders, and customers online. In addition, it controls search settings, SEO, and complex product data.
  • Quick omnichannel features: order management, multiple aisles, etc.
  • Native features related to internationalization (native multicurrency, language, and multistore functionality).

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Core Benefits of Salesforce Commerce

1. Mobile-friendly Design

According to a recent study, mobile devices accounted for 61% of all global retailer website visits. This proves the importance of having a mobile-friendly business website as more customers are using their smartphones to shop online. All data is accessible anywhere with the help of Mobile CRM and Salesforce Commerce Cloud. This makes it easier to provide a better customer experience.

2. Customization

Salesforce Commerce Cloud customization allows businesses to personalize it as they wish, based on their target markets or inventory. Salesforce supports Apple Pay, which is the largest online payment platform.

3. Marketing Tools

Commerce Cloud allows retailers to easily share and manage product information across multiple categories, websites, and catalogues. The platform will enable data storage in various languages and currencies.

That help allow the business to reach more people worldwide and the retailer to provide customers with the best article, assortment list price, offer, and content. This will maximize conversion rates and increase average orders per hour.

It also increases customer satisfaction and overall sales. This motivates marketers and retailers to take control of their business without spending money on technical support.

4. Enhanced Experience for Shoppers

Salesforce Commerce Cloud now includes Einstein, a next-generation artificial intelligence that provides customers with a seamless and user-friendly shopping experience. It offers the best product recommendations for each stage of the shopping process and generates predictions for shoppers in real-time. This reduces the need to manually analyze data, resulting in a simplified shopping experience for customers. This significantly improves customer service, which is crucial in today's market.

5. Omnichannel Capabilities

Salesforce Commerce Cloud combines e-commerce, offline store, and order administration operations into a single SaaS platform. This platform enables retailers to manage their business through e-commerce and social media channels.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud allows merchants to implement their services. This order management solution offers shoppers flexible purchasing options, including in-store pickup and shipping from the store.

6. Data Analysis

As a company grows, the amount of data it collects also increases. Finding a quick and efficient way to analyze these data is crucial to ensure a smooth future. You can use Salesforce Commerce Cloud Integration to integrate with other artificial intelligence-based platforms to analyze the data and get authentic results.

7. Internalization

Salesforce Commerce Cloud allows users to manage multiple storefronts using a single platform. It controls multicurrency and multi-language processes.

It also manages product information (including pricing and availability). Each store has the option to order separately, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud supports different payment and billing complexities.

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8. Excellent Support

Salesforce is the number one Customer Relationship Management platform worldwide, offering its merchants 24/7 support and round-the-clock assistance. Its tools and quality support staff provide comprehensive support that covers everything from code fixes to updating security patches.


Customer satisfaction ultimately drives a business's success, especially in today's competitive market. Salesforce Commerce Cloud offers all of the above benefits, so it is possible to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. When are you ready to sign up for an eCommerce cloud platform for your online company?

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