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Empower your Sales and Services with Salesforce Einstein Language

Language is a unique skill. In the hands of a suave sales guy, mastery in language can be the difference between winning or losing a customer. In customer service, language plays a big part in keeping customers happy and satisfied. That is why all AI innovators are researching and building highly intelligent platforms that can handle language at an advanced level. After years of innovation and hard work, Salesforce has released Salesforce Einstein Language. This AI-powered technology automates language recognition to help developers build intelligent apps faster and better.

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Imagining the future of Communication with Salesforce Einstein Language

Salesforce Einstein Language is based on natural language processing and deep learning, a subfield of linguistics, and Artificial Intelligence. It is built to understand conversations with exceptional accuracy and quick reply time. At workplaces, Salesforce Einstein Language is a perfect fit for your service reps to cut their workload into half by automating email replies and even simple tasks like routing requests to different teams. By merely customizing Einstein Language and adding a few features, developers can turn it into a fully functional Einstein Bot that takes care of your clients, day and night. Apart from assisting Customer service, Einstein Language can also be beneficial to your Sales too. It is capable of identifying and reporting the prospect’s products of interest-based on the way they respond to emails, so your reps are prepared to sell what they need.

Broadly, Salesforce Einstein Language leverages two different APIs to unleash its power of text recognition –

  • Einstein Sentiment
  • Einstein Intent

Einstein Sentiment – Einstein Sentiment API helps Einstein Language understand the feelings what the text wants to convey. It can be classified into three segments Positive, Negative, and Neutral. Einstein Sentiment API can be implemented for analyzing Emails, Text messages, and other social media texts.

Einstein Intent – Einstein API helps Einstein Language understand the user-defined labels, which is used to categorize text according to user’s guidelines. It helps Einstein Language analyze unstructured documents to deduce information.

The users can use both of these APIs to custom model their own Einstein Bot or an Einstein Assistant that can help the customer self-service the products, boost lead generation, or even analyze Emails and Meeting Notes to automate knowledge deduction at blinding speed. The possibilities are endless – it is just a matter of when and where.

Why is Salesforce Einstein Language a “Must” for your firm?

  • Salesforce Einstein Language is a great productivity enhancer for your Customer Service reps. It processes information and solves customer queries autonomously and only passes on complex issues towards Reps.
  • A one-time investment helps you cut costs on redundant business components and is 24×7 available to assist your clients without any extra charge.
  • Implementing Einstein Language is the easiest way to run Customer Service programs on a massive scale. This ultimately increases customer satisfaction and retention rates with dramatic results.
  • Salesforce Einstein Language also helps your sales by giving out recommendations based on texts to run proactive campaigns that can target customers at a much higher rate.
  • Along with the whole Einstein Family together, it can open the gate of opportunities to innovate at the workplace and help developer build apps that assists their cause better than ever.

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Implementing Salesforce Einstein Language is the smart way of turning tides in your favor.

With every day, Salesforce Einstein is getting smarter and adapting better to benefit your organization with innovative solutions that will revolutionize your Customer service and boost your Sales. In the end, Salesforce Einstein Language is a great deal of investment that starts giving returns with immediate results.

Resource: DemandBlue

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