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Salesforce Automation Tools - Which Tool You Should Use

Automation Tools:

Salesforce automation software is a set of programs that help in automating business processes. Automation tools are one of the declarative gears in Salesforce that make it more effective by using automating the number of administrative duties that income representatives and their managers should carry out manually.

Salesforce provides a couple of tools to automate your repetitive business methods.

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There are the following Automation tools use in Salesforce:

  • Workflow 
  • Process Builder 
  • Approval process
  • Flow Builder


Workflow is business logic that evaluates information as they may be created and up to date and determines if an automatic action wishes to occur. In a way it lets in facts to speak up or do something – update data, notify people or external systems.

It is based on a single if/then statement.

Workflow Action:

  • Update a field
  • Send  an email
  • Create a Task
  • Send an outbound message.

These moves can be either Immediate Action that arise right away or Time-Dependent Action so one can execute at a particular time.

Process Builder

Process builder is similar to workflow but contains some extra features . It is also called as an extension of the workflow. Process Builder is the brand new Salesforce automation tool. We can use both the custom and standard object with related action to automate a business process.

Process Builder only performs the following Action:

  1. Create a record
  2. Update related records
  3. Launch a Quick Action
  4. Post to Chatter
  5. Launch a Flow
  6. Call Apex code
  7. Submit for approval
  8. Invoke another process

Process Builder Cannot be Used To:

> Send outbound messages without Apex code 

> Delete Records

Approval Process

Approval Process in Salesforce automates the essential steps required for a report to be approved and specifies approver to approve it at each step. It specifies what sports will occur whilst filing a file for endorsement, whilst an approver or all approvers approve the file and moreover, while an approver rejects a report. The sports allowed via the Approval Process are Field Update, Email Alert, Create Task, and Outbound Message. Whenever a person requests approval, Initial Submission Actions occur in which the file is locked in order that different users can’t alternate the file whilst approval is pending. If the request is rejected by means of the approver, the Final Rejection Actions are done, and approval reputation is ready as Rejected.

Approval Process works only on A single if/then statement. Process or flow starts that includes a Submit for Approval action.

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Automation equipment offers a consistent user enjoy for the customers and simplest plays the responsibilities while a complicated set of criteria are met. And most significantly, it ensures that duties to be performed are not forgotten. You also can combine unique Automation equipment like Process Builder and Auto launched Flow to carry out a complex system and can even call Apex code from the tools. In brief, they've made the jobs of Salesforce Administrators less difficult.

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