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Salesforce Beats Other CRM Through Simplicity And Elegance

The more I get to know Salesforce, the more addicted I become to the platform. It’s not just the easy learning curve and the speed of creating an application that makes me go insane.  It’s the employee and the customer satisfaction that interests me.

See, till now, I have seen no negative rereviews about Salesforce. The software is upgrading itself every day, so the employees are constantly getting to know the latest technological advancements in the market. Similarly, with each upgrade, the business owners or the customers are boosting their sales.

So, from the above information, I can conclude that employees are happy since they are getting a high income and also learning new things every day. On the other hand, customers are happy, since the platform is acting as a revenue booster.

So, if you are someone who doesn’t have a clue of what I talking about, read my piece of Salesforce CRM to understand it thoroughly. If you are someone who is keeping up with what I am saying then let’s begin today's discussion without further delay.  Today I am going state how Salesforce is beating its rivals without breaking a sweat.  You will get to know:

  1. How Salesforce beats HubSpot CRM
  2. How Salesforce surpasses Sugar CRM

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How Salesforce Beats HubSpot CRM

1. User Experience

Salesforce beats HubSpot in terms of user experience. When you use the platform, you will get to choose, how Salesforce is designed to meet your every need.

While using the platform you will get to see how easily you can add sections for files, tasks, quotes, and sales groups.  So, if your business owner a massive customer data then Salesforce is your destination.

Now you might be having a question in mind as what about small business owners? Don’t they have the right to use Salesforce?  The answer is a resounding yes.

Look, at the current scenario Salesforce offers services to industrial giants, but it started its journey by providing its services to small businesses.  So, there are salesforce products that are only made for small businesses and come with affordable pricing. Salesforce never forgets people, which has paved the way for its success.

2. Activity Tracking

Now every business needs activity tracking. This means you should know, how to send push messages, emails, attractive campaigns to customers. Once you have made a sale, your job will be after service commitment.

You should know whether the customer is happy with your product. This constant tracking is important since these customers can be loyal soldiers for your brand for the rest of their life, once you show care for them after-sales.

Though HubSpot manages all these tracking activities, things get messy with long term usage. With Salesforce, you will never get bored.  With the dashboard and reporting feature of Salesforce, you will always know what to pitch to a customer.

3. Support Response

I hate it when people keep me on hold over the phone. They are unable to find the right people for my problems and response time increases. By, the time I get my solution, I am fuming over the phones for keeping me waiting for long.

You send an email to a brand about your problems, but there is no response. Most of the companies don’t care about you after they have made a sale. Salesforce doesn’t function like that. When you take the Salesforce product, the support is made available 24/7.

In addition, a ticket number will be taken for your problem and will get solved within 2 business days.  When you go with a premium plan for customer support, you will get a Salesforce manager assisting you within an hour of your problem listing.

HubSpot customer support is average. When you go premium with HubSpot customer support, technical help can cost up to 1500 dollars. For in-depth knowledge of customer support, the price can go up to 5000 dollars. So, there you have the difference

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How Salesforce Surpasses Sugar CRM

Would it be great, if you in a holiday and can track every activity that your office conducting in your absence? Everything is transparent and you just enjoy your vacation. Yes, that sounds wonderful, isn’t it?

Well with Salesforce, you will have accessibility at the tip of your fingertips. An application known as Salesforce 1 is specially designed for your mobile phones. Through that, you can check and do activities virtually with ease.  On the contrary, Sugar CRM has software that can be handled by the software developer, so as a user you can’t use the application according to your convivence.

The business works seamlessly when everybody is on the same page. Salesforce produces on URL for the deployment of the Salesforce product. On the other side, Sugar CRM provides a different URL to different departs for deployment for a product.

So, with the Salesforce single tenet feature, every department is on the same line and any update in the product gets notified to every department. In the case of sugar, CRM updates happen quarterly, instead of daily with Salesforce.

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