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5 Essential Skills That You Need To Survive In The Salesforce Community

Don’t get me wrong; nobody is doubting your technical skills, but to stay in the Salesforce community and get noticed, there are certain things that you need to do. It’s not just Salesforce, be it any group; if you don’t show any involvement, people will stop valuing your thoughts and opinions.

The job satisfaction rate is very high in Salesforce; since the Salesforce community treats the new members and the existing ones as their family. A clap only takes place when two hands join together, and this applies to the Salesforce community too.

If the community members are approaching you with a question, then don’t shy away. Instead, present your thoughts.  Your thoughts might not be right all the time, and there will be people correcting you, so take this constructive criticism is a sporting way.

When you become a Salesforce professional, there are necessary communication skills that you should keep in mind to emerge as a human being that respects their team and not belittles them when things don’t go in order.

1. Taking The Fall With The Team

There are times when a project will be rejected by the client since you have not met with the client’s requirements, but that’s part of life. Somedays you are appreciated, somedays you are criticized.  When you lead a Salesforce team, don’t be someone who blames a specific individual who worked under you.

Realize this, it was your job to distribute work and see if the work was going in order. So, when the project gets rejected, don’t play the blame game and target one member. Instead, be a leader who takes the criticism with the team. In this way, people will start respecting you and will take your work more seriously in the next assignments.

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2. No Favoritism

Yes, you have a favorite Salesforce team member that you love. This team member of yours doesn’t fully understand the functions of Salesforce lightning. Your valued team member just moved from classic to lightning, and there is still a time when he understands the platform entirely. On the other hand, you have a team member, that understands how Salesforce lightning works. Imagine a scenario where you are given the task of creating an application for a client.

With lightning features, apps could be made within a day, hours, or minutes, which earlier took months with a classic. When you give the task of creating an application to someone who is still learning the lightning features, your project gets delayed. As a result, that client loses interest and doesn’t want to work with you.  Please remember that always divide work based on skills and not the basis of your own personal choice.

3. Know Your Boundaries

Stop judging your Salesforce coworkers based on their past or personal life. Its none of business what the individual does in his own space. Yes, I am not saying that you should stop hanging out with them, but I am saying not to judge before knowing their story.  When you maintain a personal boundary with your coworker, it will not harm your work relationship.

4. Resolve issues

Being a Salesforce team leader, your job is not giving instructions to get the work done. Your job is also to see that newcomers of salesforce are comfortable in the work environment. Any problems that the individual might be facing should be solved through personal discussion, and conflicts of interest in the workplace should be solved by making compromises from both sides

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5. Open To Ideas and Innovation

I am not saying that you have low thinking capacity, it's just that sometimes our mind is blocked, and we can’t think of innovative ideas. So, this is the time when you call for an open discussion and welcome any creative ideas that you can take from the team.  Ideas can come from any individual; it doesn’t matter what designation the individual is positioned in Salesforce. Appreciate this idea and be open to feedback at all times.

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