No Duplicates - Duplicate Management for Salesforce

No Duplicates is a brand new duplicate management app that is completely free. The app automates the entire deduplication process and provides reports for your review. The main focus is on existing records in the database. No Duplicates makes advantage of native Salesforce components to ensure that users are not lost and complete setup in a few clicks. Thought-out user interface and features allow you to customize the app for the majority of use cases.


You can install the app here - Listing page

Key Features:

Auto-merge or Mass Merge

Define strategies for the master record and each field on the object. Regardless of whether the master's fields are populated or not, the fine-grained approach allows you to save all data. A variety of strategies lets you combine all picklist options from non-master records or leave the most common value. Choose the most recent/least value or the longest/shortest one. You are always allowed to keep the master’s value as well.

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Schedule Time to Search and Merge Duplicates

The app processes record pretty fast, but if you don’t want to wait for it then schedule a nightly job and review the results in the morning. You have flexible options to choose the timing: daily, weekly, monthly, or at a specific day and time.

Email Notifications

Get notified when duplicates are discovered. No need to babysit the app and open it every time you want to check for duplicates because the app can do it for you. When there is something interesting, it will send email notifications to you and your coworkers; otherwise, it will not bother you.

Download Duplicate Reports

Reports are available in CSV format for download. This comes in handy when you want to export records for future reference or keep them as a backup.

Cross-object Matching

It allows you to find duplicates between 2 objects. The most common use case is to match leads and contacts or leads and accounts. Then convert the lead records. Other objects can also be used for cross-object matching.

Support Standard and Custom Objects

All objects are supported except Tasks and Events. The app comes with multiple most common matching rules, so you will spend less time setting up.

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Reparent Child Objects

Reparent child objects that were lost through the standard Salesforce merging process, such as Chatter feed items, direct contacts, and accounts.

Road Map

  • Undo-merge. This feature will allow you to revert merge changes within some time.
  • Analytics dashboard. You will be aware of how many duplicates No Duplicates handles.
  • Post-merge reports. In addition to pre-merge reports, you will be able to review actual merge results. 
  • Need more features? Let the support team know about it.


The app is free of charge at the moment of writing.


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