New Salesforce Interface: The Case for Lightning Migration from Classic

As we approach the end of the current year, it’s a great opportunity for businesses to evaluate their existing IT infrastructure and gear up for a change that can promote more efficiency, cost-saving, customer satisfaction, and productivity. In case your organization is still utilizing Salesforce Classic, now might be the time to consider Salesforce Lightning migration. With its intuitive services and tools for automating business processes, the Lightning platform is your one-stop solution for an interactive UI and powerful CRM attributes. The features of Salesforce Lightning like the activity timeline, homepage components, and interactive tabs set it apart from the competition. These features help streamline workflows and boost the productivity of your marketing, sales, and service teams.

Why Should You Migrate to Salesforce Lightning from Classic?

Despite the defining features of Salesforce Lightning, many organizations still wonder if it’s the right time for them to migrate to Lightning. There are multiple reasons behind this: first, most people are not sure where to begin; second, Lightning still has a long way to go in terms of jobs that are still accessible in Salesforce Classic; and third, large organizations fear jeopardizing their operations.

If these are your reasons as well, you need not worry, we provide reliable and cost-effective Salesforce migration services by analyzing your particular business requirements and conducting a Lightning readiness assessment. We test the installed features to speed up migration with minimal risk, allowing you to make the most of your Salesforce investment.

When Lightning was first introduced, its functionality was limited, however, it’s important to note that this is no longer the case now. Over the past few years, Salesforce Lightning has added a range of new features that make it a better choice than Salesforce Classic. Here are some compelling reasons to make the switch to Lightning this new year:

1. More Team Productivity

Lightning offers a range of features to boost productivity and make your CRM future-ready. With features like customizable dashboards, Lightning App Builder, and Kanban view, you help your team make better decisions and work more efficiently.

2. Improved User Interface

The user interface in Salesforce Lightning is designed keeping the end user in mind. It provides a more streamlined and visually appealing interface which makes it easier for your team to navigate, discover information, and carry out their tasks in an efficient manner.

3. Mobile-Optimized

Salesforce Lightning provides a responsive and mobile-optimized experience to users. Your team can easily access Salesforce data and carry out their tasks while on the go, ensuring your business keeps running at all times.

4. Seamless Integration

Salesforce Lightning provides a more connected ecosystem by seamlessly integrating with other applications and services. This makes way for better collaboration and data-sharing, guaranteeing that all teams are on the same page.

5. Intelligent Analytics

Einstein Analytics is integrated into Lightning, ensuring your team receives access to robust analytics and AI-driven insights. This promotes smarter decision-making and highly accurate predictions, thereby promoting business growth.

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Why a New Year is the Best Year for Salesforce Lightning Migration?

Here are some reasons for you to consider Salesforce Classic to Lightning migration in the coming year:

1. Staying Competitive

Staying ahead of the curve is of key importance in the business world. Competitors who have already adopted Salesforce Lightning will have an advantage in terms of efficiency and customer service. By migrating at the beginning of the coming year, you will ensure that your business remains relevant and competitive in your industry.

2. Access to Advanced Features

Salesforce Lightning continues to evolve, providing new enhancements and features on a regular basis. You can instantly benefit from the latest tools by migrating to Lightning early next year, thereby ensuring that you stay on the cutting edge of the CRM technology.

3. Least Disruption

Migrating to Salesforce Lightning can be a complex process. By starting in the beginning of the coming year, you can minimize disruption to your daily operations and give your team sufficient time to adjust to the new interface.

4. Time to Plan

Early next year is a great time for migration as this will allow you to plan and execute your transition with hardly any disruption to your business operations. With sufficient time to prepare and train your team for Salesforce Lightning migration, you’ll be able to ensure a seamless transition.

Salesforce Lightning Services

Salesforce Classic to Lightning Migration is an important task that calls for the assistance of professionals to guide you through the process. Salesforce Lightning services provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge for effective migration. The experts customize the Lightning CRM to meet your business needs effectively. Here are the key steps exports followed for successful Lightning migration:

  • Assessment and Planning

    Salesforce Lightning services providers start with a comprehensive assessment of your business needs and current Salesforce setup. This step helps identify potential challenges and create a customized plan for migration.

  • Custom Development

    Your Salesforce environment needs to reflect the uniqueness of your business. Salesforce Lightning services help you create tailored solutions aligning with your business processes.

  • User Training

    For effective migration, you need to ensure that your team is ready for the change. Salesforce Lightning migration services provide training programs to help your teammates become proficient in the new system.

  • Data Migration

    Data transfer from Classic to Lightning is a critical task that calls for precision and attention to detail. Migration services help you migrate your data efficiently and securely.

  • Post-Migration Support

    You might encounter issues or need further customization even after successful migration. Services of Salesforce Lightning support will be available to help you with continuing maintenance, updates, and troubleshooting.

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Migrating from Salesforce Classic to Lightning is an important step that can significantly improve your business operations, boost productivity, and provide you with a competitive advantage. 2024 is an ideal time to make the transition and Salesforce Lightning services can help you with this transition efficiently and smoothly.

By migrating to Salesforce Lightning, your organization can avail the benefits of better user experience, more productivity, intelligent analytics, and seamless integration. Make 2024 the year you elevate your CRM experience and improve your team performance with Salesforce Lightning.

Originally published: New Year, New Salesforce Interface: The Case for Lightning Migration from Classic


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