Salesforce Service Cloud and Jira

Integrating Salesforce Service Cloud and Jira

Faster Case Resolution.  Upgraded Service Experience. Upgraded Service Experience.

A Salesforce-native connector that seamlessly integrates all standard and custom Salesforce Object with Jira products like Core, Ops, Software, and Service Desk.

Sinergify for Service Cloud and Jira integration eliminates silo and allows your customer service team to seamlessly collaborate with the engineering, product, and marketing teams, with benefits like

  • Gain a 360-degree view of the customer lifecycle
  • Build customer-centric product roadmap by gaining 100% access into Voice of the Customer
  • Let the engineering team better prioritize issues to be resolved
  • Achieve better SLA compliance by the customer service team

Let’s take a look at the team-wise use cases it offers

Support Team

Create and manage Jira issues whenever support folks need help from productteam to resolve a customer case, they escalate a case as a Jira issue. Allow your support reps to easily create, link/unlink, update, track, clone a Jira issue without leaving Salesforce.

Send attachments and comments for a speedy resolution of the escalated case, the product team would need clarity about the case. And to provide them with that clarity, your support agents can send attachments and comments.

Search for a Jira issue while escalating a case before creating an issue, your support agents cansearch if there are any similar issues. If not, they can create a new issue, else link that to existingones if not solved or if solved, they can leverage the information to close cases faster.

Enjoy 100% control over comments (private and public) many comments are shared between support and engineering or product teams to resolve a case. The connector empowers the admin to decidewhich comments need to be made public and which are to be kept hidden.

Engineering & Product Teams

Linking new case to existing Jira issue using the case number if your engineering team receives a new case which is similar to any of the existing Jira issues, they can simply link that case with that Jira issue using the salesforce case number.

Comment/respond to escalated issues switching instances is no longer a problem. Thethe integration allows your engineering folks to directly comment/respond to escalated cases right fromJira and in just a few clicks.

Better prioritize support issues the engineering team prioritize issues in an effective way. The integration enables support reps to mark the case priority—low, medium, andhigh—while creating a Jira issue. Thus, helping the engineering team better prioritize the issues.

Access Voice of the Customer (VoC) Voice of the Customer (VoC) or to simply say, the customer feedback, is stored in the support tool. Sinergify allows the product team to access that and build the features/products that customerswould love.

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