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How to Boost Your Sales Process with Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ allows you to use features like customizations, discounts, quantities, etc. This in return enables the sales representative to quote the price faster and with greater accuracy.

Salesforce CPQ is user-friendly software. Since it is cloud-based, therefore, it can be used on every device. It is hosted on the cloud and also connects you directly to your CRM.

This in return, will help you to make the most impactful decisions for your business and this is why your business needs Salesforce CPQ. The Salesforce CPQ generates quotes 37% faster.

Every company is not the same. What suits other companies might not suit you. Similarly, in the case of sales, the quote that another company puts in might not be a suitable one for you.

Using Salesforce CPQ, you will understand what suits the best for your company and take steps accordingly. The Salesforce revenue cloud will help you to reap higher benefits.

Ways to Boost Your Sales Process Using Salesforce CPQ

As per the sales report produced by Salesforce, the sales representatives invest a lot of time and energy to get genuine deals. The rest of the time is spent generating proposals, approvals, and quotes.

The modern digital generation is controlled by various tools. The sales are not an exception to it. However, the current generation requires time. If the right amount of time is not spent on selling, then it will hamper the business to a large extent.

The business will lose its effectiveness and along with losses and challenges. There are several Salesforce development companies you can refer to for your business.

This article will tell you about ways you can use Salesforce CPQ to boost your sales process.

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1. It Gives you Greater Accuracy

CPQ helps you to drive higher effectiveness. This is made possible by linking the various aspects of sales, like, the legal, financial, services, and renewals.

Using CPQ will help to save the time that one uses to do the work manually. It also helps in creating better quotes. The automatic capability of the CPQ is that the errors are maintained.

The errors are known even before they occur. The chances of invoicing errors are lessened by 27%. This will make you aware and keep you ready to deal with it. In return, you will get satisfied clients and therefore, a higher amount of return.

2. Sales Representatives Get to Sell more

If your company is still using Salesforce CRM to get more leads, then it is high for your company to switch from Salesforce CRM to Salesforce CPQ. Shifting to Salesforce CPQ will any day be a better decision for your company.

If your sales team uses Salesforce CPQ instead of using Salesforce CRM, they will get to perform all the required activities on the same application itself.

This will help to increase the selling time of your sales representative. It will also enhance the accuracy of the propositions and quotes that they create.

3. Shorter and Faster Sales Cycle

The longer time your sales representative takes to sort the products and generate the quotes for the clients, the more they lose the critical nature and force that is required for closing a deal.

The sales team can use the Salesforce CPQ for arranging the services and products as per the business rules and standards. Using the Salesforce CPQ, the sales team can get hold of quotations that are more client-friendly. The date is even more accurate.

4. Lowers the Operational Cost

If you wish to boost the overall sales income then the first thing that you should prioritize is to marginalize the operational cost. If you plan to do this then, integrating your present CRM and Salesforce CPQ will help you to achieve it.

By merging the two, you will get to see a visible rise in cost savings as well as operational productivity. If you operate within a single database, you will be able to upgrade the internal correspondence.

It will also help to improve the proficiency of the sales team. Lowering the operational cost is one of the main importance of CPQ.

5. Easily Accessible

In order to have effective sales, you must ensure that your client and your sales team can go through the entire sales cycle whenever and from wherever they want to.

The client and the salesperson must be able to access the cycle from any device. Since Salesforce CPQ is cloud-based, the entire process involved in the sales cycles is easily accessible by the team as well as the client from anywhere and from any device.

6. Transparent Sales Process

The Salesforce CPQ provides you with insights that allow you to see the entire process of sales. You can get to know what is exactly working for your sales team and what is not.

Accordingly, you can improvise for the improvements. It provides the basic perspective for all your selling activities which helps you to get better results. It also gives you a prominent insight into the quote created and the proposals made.

7. Automated Reporting and Intelligent Analytics

To empower an entire sales process, the reports obtained must have an intelligent insight. The Salesforce CPQ helps a business to achieve this.

Along with this, it boosts the sales for the business towards higher profitability and helps to make better choices. Therefore, overall, if you are looking for a seamlessly running business that has superb analytical skills, then using Salesforce CPQ can help you to become one.

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8. Standardized Processes and Larger Collaborations

There are various elements that an enterprise has like, finance, legal, services, sales, and a lot more. Salesforce CPQ assures that it works will all of these elements which in return helps to provide a consistent correspondence in the entire sales cycle.

Salesforce CPQ easily blends with the existing technologies that the business uses and makes the entire procedure more standardized and streamlined.

The entire process of order generation, sending of invoices and quotations, receiving payments, auditing, and order fulfillment is standardized by using the Salesforce CPQ.

9. Higher Revenue Generation

The Salesforce CPQ makes sure that the enterprise takes the utmost advantage of its business. This is made possible by examining the sales pipelines and providing an analysis based on the deal profitability.

Salesforce CPQ makes sure that the offer that they make are financially viable. The Einstein analytics used by Salesforce CPQ helps the business to reap a higher amount of profit.

The actionable insights provided by Salesforce CPQ allow you to understand what works for you the most. The better and quicker you understand this, the faster and higher profits you will gain.


The Salesforce CPQ has numerous attributes that can be amazingly beneficial for the business. It helps you to gain financial control by increasing your financial understanding, visibility, and effect.

It increases the sales productivity and the operation competitiveness of the business as well. It also reduces the approval time by 90%. There are several other benefits of Salesforce CPQ. Therefore, getting Salesforce CPQ for your business will be nothing but an add-on boon for the company


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